5 Tips On How To Manage Persistent Smoking Cravings?

Quite obviously smoking is a hazard, but not just for your own body, but also for everybody else around you. Continue Reading →

BET Announces Cultural, Social And Legal Cannabis Doc With Kamala Harris And Others (Video)

BET announces a new original documentary titled set to premiere on Wednesday, November 18th at 10 pm ET/PT. Continue Reading →

The Habits You Need To Start Today For A Healthier And Stronger You

We all want to be strong and healthy. This is because these two things go hand in hand and when one of them lacks, your life could easily be turned upside-down in seconds. Continue Reading →

Hookah Smoke Could Increase The Risk Of Blood Clots

With vaping illnesses running rampant recently, researchers from the American Heart Association (AHA) dove deeper into the risks associated with another popular type of smoking: hookah. Continue Reading →

Harlem’s Allan Harris Is Back And Smokin

Harlem resident Allan Harris is back town and he’s smokin around the corner at Smoke (I know), but check him out before he jet sets out of town again. Continue Reading →

The Jimmy Cobb Miles Davis Celebration & Record Release At Smoke

jimmycobb1Wow, Jimmy Cobb is playing with more vitality and purpose in his 80’s than drummers a fraction of his age. He is probably most famous as the drummer on Miles Davis’ classic Kind of Blue and his band will celebrate the iconic trumpeters May 26th birthday over these two nights, as well as the release of Jimmy’s new record on Smoke Sessions, The Original Mob. Continue Reading →

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