5 Explosive Exercises You Can Do Without Going To The Gym

November 17, 2020

So you’re at home, working, sleeping, eating, and living your entire life inside your four walls. What a pitiful existence! Well, at least most people seem to think so. We’re trapped in what was formally our home, now it’s a horribly mundane place which we can’t leave except for exercise. No matter where you are in the world, if you have been in lockdown for so long that you feel like you’re going to explore, we have the perfect exercise for you! These will allow you to burn off all your excess energy and feel good about yourself at the same time. Here we give you a choice of 5 different types.

Standing press

The shoulder press is an exercise that allows you to make like an explosion and spread up and out, with fury and vengeance. You need a barbell first, and some disc weights of course. You’ll then try to place weight on the barbell, equivalent to 90% of what you can manage for one rep. So it’s almost the maximum of what you can lift. While standing, you will be keeping a barbell on your chest and then explode upward, lifting the bar over your head. This takes balance, patience and a lot of breathing. It’s a good idea to make sure you’re in a safe area and no one is around you that could get hurt if you drop the bar. You should also have a procedure to drop the bar safely if you can’t do a rep. So push the bar forward and you take a step back when you need to bail out. But, aside from that, keep the reps around 3-5 and your sets 3-4. 

Front shoulder workout

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The front of the shoulder is an underrated part of our bodies. Your body has a lot of muscle packed around the shoulder joint. The front deltoid is the central point of the shoulder, because it has a little indent where the muscles attach. But the majority of our shoulder muscle is on the side and back of the upper arm. The front delt needs some extra love as it’s the smallest part. But, with this front delt workout you can use explosive maneuvers to lift the weight up straight and in front of you. Using kettlebells, you can get one of the best workouts for your upper body, because the weight is easily grasped and your range of movement is not limited.

Interval sprinting

Interval training is used by all kinds of athletes because it can greatly enhance their stamina and endurance, all the while, helping them to control their explosive energy. It’s essentially, a sprint and then a jog. You don’t want to go from zero to full speed and then back to zero again. This will make you more prone to injury and it will be less fun because you have to speed up from static and then slow from maximum pace. So pick out a 1-mile running route and begin jogging. When you’re ready, spring for a full 5-10 seconds. Then jog again. When you have caught your breath, sprint for another 5-10 seconds. Do this on repeat.

The crab-step

Tension bands are very cheap and they are very useful. They can be used for muscle mass workouts, endurance sets and for making explosive movements. One of the best is the training of your IT band by making a crab-like sideways step. Simply put the tension band around your ankles and put your hands on your hips. Then, make a fast sideways step. Joining your feet together between each rep gives you a solid frame and starting position. Your IT band will get a real burn and you’ll become a lot stronger in your quads. 

Jumping box

If you buy a step box you can perform the jumping box workout, which is both fun and very tiring. Don’t get alarmed at the second bit, you need a workout that will burn your calories without any problems. This is quite simple, you just jump onto a step box which you have adjusted for the right height and you will be using your entire body to do so. Your core will be tested and you get to explode into one giant smooth movement and stand on top of a box with each rep.

These 5 explosive workouts can be done at home, without any aid or buying anything too expensive. Just be careful that you have the space you need and you should enjoy letting all that pent-up energy out.

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