4 Tips For Losing Weight (And Keeping It Off) From Harlem To Harare

December 16, 2019

For many people who struggle with their weight, it can feel as if no matter what they do, they are unable to shift any weight. For others, whenever they lose weight, it quickly reappears unless they adopt unrealistic lifestyle changes.

The following simple weight loss tips can help you to not only reduce your weight, but to do so in a way that is sustainable and maintainable.

Reduce Your Calories

If you are struggling to formulate an effective diet that you can stick to in the long-term, it might be better to start with smaller and more manageable changes. A great place to start is to simply try and lower your calorie intake.

There are numerous books, apps, and other guides that will tell you how many calories are in the food that you eat. If you start counting your calories and being more aware of your general intake, you can then work to slowly reduce the total number that you are taking in on an average day.

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Monitor When You Eat

There are lots of different approaches that you can take to monitoring when you eat and not all of them involve fasting. However, each approach requires restricting when you eat in some way. For example, time restricted eating allows you to eat at specific times of the day. The idea is to give your body and specifically your metabolism a chance to reset. Keep in mind, it doesn’t mean that you can go wild and eat anything you still need to eat in moderation and the right types of food.

Reduce Comfort Eating

For many people, food is a source of comfort. When many of us find ourselves facing emotional difficulties, we often turn to food as a distraction and a way of making ourselves feel better. However, this can be destructive in the long term and can lead to chronic health and weight issues. It is important to break the cycle of treating unhealthy thoughts with unhealthy actions.

If you are someone who is prone to comfort eating, you should try and identify what triggers set you off, and what you can do to avoid or mitigate them.

Slowly Increase Your Exercise

We all know that getting more exercise is one of the most effective ways of losing weight. However, for many of us, it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day for us to get in a good workout. Fortunately, the reality is that you don’t need to put aside a lot of time for exercise.

If you can find just 15 minutes each day to go for a brisk walk, that could be enough to make a real difference to your long-term health and to your weight. If even this is too much, consider investing in some home gym equipment so that when you are stuck inside you can still work out.

If part of the reason that you are struggling with your weight is because of emotional or mental health issues, getting more exercise will also improve these outlooks.

If you are struggling to make these lifestyle changes stick, try making the changes in small stages. If you try to completely turn your life around in one go, you will find it too much to handle. Make the changes that you can when you can, and ultimately you will achieve your goal.

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