Why You Deserve To Treat Yourself Better

December 18, 2020

We easily forget to give ourselves the respect and love we show towards others. Instead, more often than not, we are our worst critics, which is not a healthy relationship to have with yourself.

Remember you are stuck with yourself for life, and there’s no room for even divorce, so you need to make the most important relationship- the one with yourself, count. It is about time you knew better than the constant negative self-talk and self-critique you subject yourself to. Rise above, doubting yourself to see yourself clearly and accurately.

Realize your Worth

People who fail to see their self-worth are far more vulnerable to the self-certification theory. The experts from lovelyrefinement.com explain it happens when people want to confirm the concept of their selves. It is really like an emotional black hole as when you have it; you surround yourself with people who validate your self-concept. One can commonly find such a psychological condition in people who are in abusive relationships and don’t want to leave them. They believe from their heart that they deserve nothing better. As it might be obvious, this is one psychological characteristic that is completely toxic. You should be more aware of how wonderful you are. You can ingrain this idea of the celebration of the concept of yourself; you deserve it. Observe the following tips to achieve the same:

  • Try To Catch Yourself Being Negative

Consciously try to catch yourself whenever you are engaging in negative self-talk. For students, the process can start from a lower-than-expected grade on a test. The moment you see your grade, you begin to think about how you should have tried harder and how you might be lacking in smartness and stuff like that. Before you get all worked up and anxious about the issue, it is important to catch yourself cultivating such negative thoughts. Once you are aware, you need to direct your thoughts towards how you did, indeed work hard on the test preparation. Don’t think that you are not sufficiently smart; try to figure out if it was a one-off incident. It might very well have been a challenging exam that you will do your best to prevent in the future.

  • Learn To Be More Forgiving With Yourself

It is essential to recognize that making mistakes is a big part of being a human being. Accept the mistakes you make while learning from them. Don’t let mistakes become a fire that burns you up. Instead, try to let go of the regrets that you associate with the error. Keep in mind that the past is past us.

  • Accept Yourself

Another crucial thing you need to do to treat yourself better is to accept yourself for who you are. Keep in mind that you derive your beauty from being who you are, for what it is. Don’t compare yourself to others and assess yourself in the context of others. This wisdom particularly holds ground for unrealistic beauty standards we have shaped for ourselves through mass media. We tend to forget the software image manipulation part of beauty as the mainstream media portrays it. The beauty we come across in magazines is scarce to find or often unreal for real life.

  • Practice Positive Self-Affirmations

It is common to find people underestimating the importance of positive self-affirmations when you hear about them first. However, positive affirmations can indeed make a whole world of difference in the way you perceive things and, as a result, affect your self-talks. But once you give the idea a chance and practice affirmations, it really can make a difference and serve to make you feel better about yourself. Practice saying these affirmations to yourself for a significant period so that you start to believe in them. For example, if you genuinely want to feel beautiful, try saying a relevant affirmation while looking at the reflection of your own eyes in the mirror. The practice is so powerful and works decently well.

  • Meditate

The last point is to practice productive activities that make us feel good and boost our physical and mental health. One of the essential investments in your life is the money you spend on yourself. Your wisdom will shine forth and bring huge rewards if you can invest wisely in yourself. One such investment is to sign up for meditation classes. If you are reluctant to part with any money but can support some of your time, meditation will also work. 

There are plenty of YouTube channels that provide you with guided meditation sessions. In addition to mere meditation, also try what is called mindful meditation. The latter boosts your awareness and lets you see things from the proper perspective. Such a practice will help you appreciate the present moment better and help you to lead it properly. Mindfulness enables you to finally say goodbye to all the judgments and labels that others give and consider. It is the best way to connect with yourself.

Honestly, you do a lot for yourself and your family and community and in many ways that you don’t even realize. Accordingly, if you are stuck with mistakes or think you are not sufficiently good- treating yourself might be the panacea to your woes. It is hoped that the tips mentioned in this article help you realize your worth and treat yourself better. You are wonderful!

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