What Should Be The Best Health Insurance Coverage? – Australia

November 30, 2022

What is something equally true but a bit bland?

Nothing than the fact that, how much diet or exercise you might do, you’re bound to get diarrhea or flu someday!

Right. Diseases are inevitable, and a part of the living. And they don’t strike alone; rather, nowadays bring a hefty bill of medical expenses tagged along. So, you gotta take some steps beforehand, like- health insurance.

Which health insurance to choose?

Now again, there are loads of companies offering schemes labeled as private health coverage, and on top of it, you got Medicare, the public health insurance offered by the government – it’s just a lot to choose from.

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Private versus Public

Public health insurance is great for the nation, and we certainly agree.

But currently, there’s been a surge in the private health market, and we don’t really blame it.

Private health insurance schemes offer you the best treatment with:

  • Extra cover:

Often, most popular private insurers cover the treatments that are otherwise not covered under Medicare.

  • Avoid levy:

The Medicare health levy surcharge is another 1.5% extra deduction from your total income.

  • Skip the queue:

Many reputed private health insurance packages offer zero waiting period or extras.

  • Get rebate:

If you get private health insurance, the Government of Australia offers you a rebate for that.

  • Premium quality:

Here, you choose the doctor, therapist, or that hospital you might want to get treatments. Also, enjoy your stay in private rooms, not busy wards!

Questions to ask before choosing a private brand

When you have to pay, you rather look around and get the best out of it.

Always ask:

  • Does this brand cover wait periods and extras?
  • Do they cover all the treatments that I might need?
  • How is the market rating? Customer reviews and complaints?
  • Does this brand let me avoid paying for the Medicare levy?

The best 5 private health insurance companies in Australia

Australian Unity :

We don’t think they need a formal introduction to the Australian audience. One of the best in the market, Australian Unity is extremely popular among customers.

Being one of the top members-owned wellness brands, they aspire to keep health insurance affordable. Their bronze-level hospital plus cover for the whole family (children up to 30 years of age) starts from $290/ month, cheaper than similar options in the market.

Besides the excellent extras and waiting period cover, Australian Unity offers small-term subscription-based packages for overseas visitors and tourists too!

Australian Unity offers a great range of health and wellness programs (participation in mental health and well-being workshops, rehabilitation, receiving hospital care at home for the ones who need it, parenthood counseling, and more) and rewards for their members (like 100% back on dental cares) that makes it tough to beat them in this game.

As of November 2022, they’re even offering six months of free coverage for new customers. Interesting, isn’t it?


Bupa is one of the top health insurance brands, owning the lion’s share in the total insurance market. Single person plans start at $160/ month.

Bupa covers some otherwise neglected treatments, such as IVF and other pregnancy assistance, psychiatry, and even your child’s dental care! Though they don’t offer to pay for the waiting period, they still pack a real deal with the extras. For family coverage, you have a look at their packages.


Medibank, a not-for-profit fund that once used to be government-owned, has its basic plans starting at $88/ month, and that’s one of the reasons it’s a great choice for people living alone who want to get covered with a reputed old brand. But the extras are not really cheap like some other companies (HCF, HBF, or ahm); keep that in mind as well.


This brand is known for its Bronze hospital plus, which covers most of the common treatment modalities. Unfortunately, at the same time, HBF doesn’t offer coverage on cardiovascular problems, pregnancy, and birth and cataract surgery. Nonetheless, serving for more than 80 years, HBF, a not-for-profit organization, has built a good rapport with its customers so far, which is prominent from their low complaint and dispute ratio. As a result, HBF is a great option, especially if you want to avoid paying the Medicare levy surcharge.

Singles plans start at $94/ month.


Ahm keeps their heads high with great extras coverage that assures zero waiting period for general and dental care facilities, even without a special package.

In fact, you get 2 free dental care (including cleaning, polishing, scaling, fluoride treatment, etc.). Also, you get 100% back on optical treatments (including frames, lenses, and optical lenses) too!

Plans start at $54/ month.

We believe we’ve almost got you covered here.

Now, hurry up and get insurance covered soon!

Stay safe, and stay happy!

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