What Is The Best Temperature For Dabbing?

The use of cannabis concentrates (aka Dabs) continues to grow. However, like most methods of cannabis consumption, there is some confusion over the ideal way to use it.

Because of the make-up of the different concentrates, the variety of tools that can be used to enjoy them and the lack of mainstream knowledge due to the existing stigma around cannabis consumption there are questions about the ideal temperature for enjoying a dab. This guide will attempt to fix that.

Because of the varying equipment used to enjoy concentrates, there is no precise answer to what the perfect temperature is to enjoy them. However, dabbing at too high of a temperature can scorch your concentrate causing you to not fully extract the vapor, as well as potentially producing a harmful chemical toxin like methacrolein or benzene.

A dab in the range of 500-700 Degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be in the acceptable range of a high temperature. Using a high-temperature dab is popular as it creates a dense vapor, ideally giving the desired effect quicker. However, this can create an unpleasant experience, as the dense vapor can be uncomfortable and leave a sore throat.

Subsequently, the long-lasting effect of injecting the chemicals that can be created from too high of a temperature is yet to be known. Vaping high-temperature concentrates also causes the dab to decompose faster, creating a more difficult substance to remove during cleaning.

There are many benefits to dabbing at a lower temperature. By releasing the vapor at a lower temperature you can create a more consistent flow, allowing for steady hits. This method also allows users to have a better taste of the flavor of their dab, as they are not being overwhelmed by a quick stream of vapor.

A low-temperature method also avoids the creation of unwanted toxic particles that can be harmful if ingested, making for a better user experience. THC can be extracted at 315° F, and CBD reaches its extraction point between 320-356° F, therefore an ideal temperature to enjoy a low-temperature dab would be just below 400°.

The challenge for most users is understanding how to control the temperature of their dab, to achieve their ideal temperature. To make a titanium tip glow red, you will likely need to heat it to almost 1000°F. This is great for disinfecting the surface but is far too hot to enjoy a concentrate. Allow it to cool for 30-60 seconds before dabbing.

Electronic temperature timers are useful, in that they allow you to heat your rig until you see your desired temperature come on screen. An electronic nectar collector or e-nail is another way to easily reach the heat that you desire to dab at. While considerably most expensive than a glass, ceramic, or titanium nail, it gives users the peace of mind of knowing they can reach their heating goal effortlessly.

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