What Are The Health Benefits Of Home Sauna

November 29, 2020

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the world are becoming more health-conscious. If you are looking for a way to boost your immunity and improve your overall health, then look no further than a home sauna. A sauna is a heated room that functions by raising the skin temperature to about 40° Celsius or 104° Fahrenheit, which leads to heavy sweating. As a result, your heart rate increases as your body rids itself of toxins. Although a sauna is a little on the expensive side, it adds value to your home, and it also requires little maintenance. Read on to learn about the health benefits that you can get from a home sauna.  

Increased Life Expectancy

A sauna can increase your life expectancy, as studies indicate that people who regularly take saunas are less likely to die prematurely. If you want to live a longer and healthier life, you should maintain a regimen of at least seven sauna visits per month. Apart from increasing your life expectancy, saunas also boost your mental health and mood, two vital components for a healthier lifestyle. The heat from a sauna helps increase prolactin levels that help repair nerve damage, boost dynorphin levels that improve your mood, and promote the production of norepinephrine to enhance your focus.

Reduced Stress

Different types of saunas work differently. The most popular are wood burning, electrically heated, steam room, and infrared saunas, which are probably the most popular. An infrared sauna uses specific light to produce heat and raise the body temperature without heating the entire room, which is why the temperature in infrared saunas is generally lower than that in other models. Wellness experts at Neosauna.com explain that buying an infrared sauna is a great investment that offers a lot of benefits to your well-being. This device causes your body to release endorphins that, in turn, help reduce stress and increase your energy levels simultaneously. A sauna can also help you sleep better to replenish your energy after a long, hard day. 


A sauna helps detoxify and rid the body of unwanted toxins and other impurities that can affect its normal functioning. When you take a sauna, your body will sweat out harmful toxins like lead, nicotine, and mercury. Sweating also helps eliminate excess water stored in your body, and this is achievable when you have a sauna in your home. 

Soothes Sore Muscles

After a workout, you might experience aching muscles and other minor injuries. Saunas produce heat that soothes sore muscles and helps relieve arthritic pain. By raising your body temperature, a sauna can help relax your muscles better than a warm bath ever could.  

Improved Blood Circulation

The heat produced by a sauna helps improve blood circulation. Your heart rate significantly increases after taking a sauna, which helps improve the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to all organs in your body. The heat from a sauna also helps maintain a healthy complexion by boosting the blood flow to the skin. When exposed to heat, your skin pores will open, and the increased blood flow helps distribute nutrients to the epidermis that boosts cellular growth and skin rejuvenation.    

Sauna Helps Increase Metabolic Rate

Regular use of saunas helps boost your metabolic rate so that you can burn more calories and lose weight. However, a sauna is not a substitute for regular exercise, as it mostly helps you lose water weight, which can quickly come back. You should follow a workout routine if you want to effectively lose extra weight and burn more fats. 

Improves Breathing

The hot, dry air produced by a sauna helps soothe your lungs, and it can also provide temporary relief to individuals suffering from asthma and bronchitis. Regular sauna users are less prone to respiratory problems since the heat helps open up airway passages and drains mucus that is laden with bacteria. Another essential aspect of a home sauna is that it relieves sinus congestion and alleviates the symptoms of common colds.

A home sauna is a good investment that will improve your health tremendously. While saunas typically come with a hefty price, the benefits they offer outweigh the initial expense, considering all other invaluable benefits they provide, from the increased home value to the improved quality of life. A sauna also helps relieve stress, promotes better sleep, improves your overall health, boosts blood circulation, and more. More importantly, saunas are easy to maintain, and they rarely break down, so you don’t have to worry about long-term running expenses.

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