Treatment Of Liver Cancer Stage 4

April 28, 2021

Stage 4 liver cancer is a very aggressive cancer. Statistics show that only 7% of patients can live more than 6 years after they are diagnosed with a stage 4 liver tumor.

Despite worldwide medical advances, the chances of a complete cure are minimal. However, up-to-date methods of treatment can help to relieve symptoms and prolong the patient’s life.

Thanks to modern treatment in Germany, doctors are able to control the disease for a long time. Treatment of liver cancer stage 4 here is carried out by the most experienced healthcare practitioners, using modern techniques, which makes it much more effective.

Diagnosis making

The main problem with liver cancer is that at its early stages the disease has no specific symptoms. Most diagnoses are made at the advanced disease stages when a full cure is virtually impossible.

For people with chronic liver diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis, there is an increased risk of developing cancer. This is why it is so important to have regular medical check-ups. Early detection of cancer increases the chances of successful cancer treatment.

The best among modern methods of diagnostics are ultrasound scan, MRI, spiral CT, and PET. Thanks to these examinations, doctors can assess the liver condition and detect tumors timely.

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At the initial stages of the disease, patients often have no symptoms. However, already at this stage, carcinoma may be detected by ultrasound scan. Symptoms usually appear at the more advanced stages of liver cancer. In order not to miss the onset of the disease, it is necessary to monitor your health condition and have regular medical examinations. Symptoms that indicate the advanced stage of liver cancer:

  • Pain on the right side of the abdomen
  • Frequent nausea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Rise in temperature
  • Itching of the skin

If you notice some symptoms from this list, it is better to see your general practitioner and have an unscheduled exam.

Modern treatment

At the initial stages of cancer, one of the most common treatments is surgery. However, for stage 4 liver cancer, there is no treatment that can destroy the tumor completely. All current treatment options for liver cancer can only stop tumor progression and give the patient a few additional years of life.

Treatment in Germany is performed with the most modern methods that are safe for the patient as well as highly effective. Modern medical treatment options include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, chemoembolization, robotic surgery, and proton therapy. Therapeutic schemes are comprehensive, as doctors combine few types of main therapy with symptomatic treatments.

Treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic

Most countries today are in a full or partial lockdown. This means that millions of patients around the world are left without treatment and thousands of modern clinics are left without patients.

If you want to get treatment during the lockdown, but don’t know how to do this, the medical tourism operator Booking Health will help you. With the assistance of Booking Health, you will be treated in the world’s best hospitals even during the COVID-19 pandemic. The specialists of Booking Health will not only help you with treatment in European hospitals but also provide you with all the necessary assistance with preparing documents, making translations, etc.

Treatment in the best hospitals abroad

To undergo treatment of liver cancer stage 4 abroad, leave the request with basic information about your health condition on the Booking Health website. With the assistance of Booking Health, millions of patients have received treatment abroad and have gotten rid of cancer.

The main task of Booking Health is to help organize treatment abroad for patients from all over the world. For example, with its help, you can undergo treatment in Germany at the lowest prices thanks to the cooperation of the company with the best hospitals. Moreover, you will be provided with additional advantages during your treatment:

  • Assistance with accommodation
  • Ticket reservations
  • Transfer from the airport
  • Assistance with medicines shipment
  • Insurance against treatment complications


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