Tips For Shopping On A Budget From Harlem To Hollywood

August 11, 2021

Not everyone has an unlimited budget, unless you’re very wealthy and can live a comfortable life off what you already earn.

For most of us, shopping on a budget can often be a normal, everyday occurrence. However, not everyone knows how to shop with limited funds, especially if they’ve never been taught how to do so or just lived from paycheck to paycheck without tracking expenditures. So, here are some tips for shopping on a budget. These are tips that for the most part, can relate to all types of shopping.

Set A Maximum Spend

Firstly, a good way to manage your money and keep to budget is by setting a maximum spend. This maximum spend is one that you’ll want to do for every time you go shopping. There’s a realistic spend that you will likely have in your mind as being able to cover everything that you need. Consider how much you have to work with and estimate how much everything will cost when you come to buy it. It’s always best to estimate at the top end but if you’re restricted, then make it a challenge and go in at a lower budget.

Challenging yourself to shop for cheaper goods is going to be good practice, especially when you fall on hard times and need to make do with what you have.

Make A-List

A list is a great way to stick to the things you need without going off plan. We’ve all likely experienced a grocery store shop or a clothes shop where too much has gone into the basket and the grand total price is one that makes you wince in pain. As you unwillingly hand over your credit card, you might be regretting not making a list.

When creating your list, try to be as specific as possible and that way, what’s on the list is what you need and want to get, rather than just randomly shopping. There are also plenty of list apps that you can use to make this easier for you, whether you’re someone who uses their phone or just wants to write it down on a piece of paper. For phone apps, there’s platforms like Trello and Notes on your phone’s core apps to make the necessary lists.

Use Vouchers/Codes

Vouchers and codes can be a great way to save some money, which is important when shopping on a budget. The more you can save when shopping, the more of a budget you have available for other parts of your life. It’s all about living by your means when making ends meet, so it’s good to take advantage of as they’re a great source for voucher codes. Whether it gives you a percentage of discount to free shipping, every little will help in saving money.

Online shopping certainly has more scope for you to save money than shopping offline. Make sure you take a look at their site and all the various discounts and deals that you can use to make that checkout price a little cheaper.

Don’t Window Shop Or Browse

Window shopping or browsing can be great if you don’t intend on spending any money. However, when you’re going out or shopping online to spend, then browsing or window shopping, as it’s called, can be dangerous. The reason why this is, is because we often find more excuses to buy something when we’re browsing. By canceling that out and having a list of specifics, you’re less likely to spend more than you intended to.

As humans, we tend to give in very easily to our vices and if shopping is a vice for you, then it will likely be easy for you to spend more money because you’ve been browsing, rather than getting straight onto what you need, rather than what you want.

Consider Thrift Stores

If it’s clothes shopping that you’re doing or perhaps homeware, then you’ll likely find some great bargains at thrift stores and other places that sell-second hand appliances or furniture. Thrift stores are also great for sustainability and recycling what is in perfectly good or workable condition.

Not everyone shops at thrift stores and instead opts to spend money in bigger brand company stores. Whilst this is fine to do, it’s not always the best option for when you’re trying to save money. If you can, try to do some of your shopping in discount stores where possible. You’ll likely notice a difference when it comes to finding bargains or deals that help keep your expenditures low when shopping.

Sell What You Can To Boost Your Budget

And finally, if you’re looking to have a bigger budget, then you could always consider boosting your budget by selling stuff you don’t need. We all have clutter in our homes and also stuff that we just don’t need anymore. Instead of chucking it out and letting it go to waste, you might as well try to sell it alongside giving it to a new home. There are lots of things in your home that you can likely sell, so look around and try to find stuff you can put online for buyers to get a hold of.

There’s also lots of sites available now that will just about sell anything and everything you own. From old toys to modern technology, there’s a site to cater to every seller.

Shopping is a necessity at times and whether you’re a regular shopper or not, it’s good to try and stick to a budget where possible. Being able to create a budget to control your expenditures and any income that you receive, will certainly help you in life as you go. Whether you’re trying to invest money into property or to just provide yourself or your loved ones with a more fulfilling life.

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can sure make a real difference to your quality of life. Use these tips to try and make the most out of your money, whatever you earn!

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