Ways To Wear Iron-On Patches

March 10, 2021

Do you have any idea about how the patches and logos are becoming trendy day by day?

Well, patches are an amazing part of our clothing. It makes your wardrobe unique and fascinating. People are crazy about them. They give personalized looks to your outfit and make you stand apart from others.

History of Iron-on patches    

Let’s just have a brief overview of the history of iron-on patches and how they become everyone’s favorite.

These patches were also known as clothing badges. These badges are attached to your clothes using pins, adhesives, or simply by stitching onto the fiber.  A lit bit different from lapel pins but not very completely.

These patches were introduced thousands of years back for military and uninformed people. Back in the 60s, young people of the military came out in the Vietnam War with patches on their military uniforms. They were the idealist at that time, so people got inspired by them. And that’s how they become trendy.

Today, these patches are the hottest trend and used by different brands, companies, organizations, or sports teams.  

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After knowing the worth of these patches, everybody wants to know the coolest ways to wear and style them. 

Let’s talk about it!

How to wear and style Iron-on patches? 

Iron-on patches can stick to anything like jeans, boots, shirts, jackets, hoodies, sneakers, or any kind of denim. It can make you look bold and stylish.

Here are some of the coolest ways to wear these patches. 

1. Denim and Track Jackets 

Denim is always the coolest dressing code. And the combo of denim and iron-on patches is the perfect way to look dashing. It has always been an eye-catching combo. So, denim jackets and patches are good to go anywhere. 

Retro Track jackets are also the coolest choice for these patches. You can wear bright track jackets with patches on them but make sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple and interesting.

2. Hippie Style 

If you want to have an authentic hippie style, you can go for lollipops, rainbow, or sunshine sort of patches on your jeans. It will give you a classy and bold look. 

3. Crust punk style 

If you are more towards a crust punk look, you can wear these patches with the black skinnies and studded vest. And a contrasting hair color will make your look more modern.

4. Black heavy metal

If you want a classical 80s look, black heavy metal is good to go with your outfit. You can wear it with a denim vest, skirt or jeans. 

A bullet belt and some sharp tag necklace will make it more classical!

5. Military Jackets 

Patches are always meant to be on military jackets. If you ever get a chance, get one for yourself. Patches look cool on military jackets. You can put multiple patches on the jacket but make sure that your outfit is black. Additionally, some chunky boots will make it more stunning. 

You can also put patches on your sleeves and add some jewels to make it more glamorous. You are all set to go!

6. On coat or blazer 

If you want a cool chic style, put your favorite patches on a long coat. Pair it with some white outfits and here you go with an amazingly stylish look.

You can also put multiple patches on one side of your coat or blazer and yes, you are sure to be a hero!

7. On your tees and jeans 

One of the most common and usual ways to wear patches is on jeans and tees. You can wear a single patch on your tees; it is the most subtle way to rock your favorite patch. 

People are crazy about patches on jeans. It is one of the coolest ways to rock a patch. You can add more glamour by wearing a leather jacket with a casual graphic shirt under it.    

8. On backpacks and phone case 

You can rock your school backpacks as well with these patches. Putting the patches on your backpack makes you a 90s glory. It gives you some aesthetic looks as well!

You might be thinking that it is impossible to use iron-on patches on a plastic phone case. But you have still seen some cases with bright patches on the back, online. It looks really cool on phone cases. Mostly, the patches with adhesive backside are used on the phone cover. 

9. On Leather Jacket

If you want a rock star look, put some star patches on a black leather jacket. For some tough outfits, you may pair them with white jeans.

You can also put patches on your leather sleeves and instantly rock!

10. On sneakers 

Try wearing the cute and effective patches on your sneakers with a funky look. 

A white tee with simple jeans, and here you are good to go with the patchy sneakers!

11. On your handbags 

You can style your handbag with these iron-on patches. These patches look so elegant and trendy on your handbag if you take them with the glamorous silver dress.

12. On your Necklace 

You can customize your favorite patches and get a cheaper yet so stylish necklace. 

You can modify your jewel according to your taste. If you don’t like bright colors you can design a silver chain with a black patch. And here you can go with the most elegant necklace.  

Now, you are pretty much sure about wearing and styling iron-on patches. You can buy patches on vivi pins too. Just remember one rule, do your imagination and wear it anywhere you want to put on your patch but keep the rest of the outfit simple. 

Go get one for yourself ready!

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