The Eternity Ring: What It Is And When To Buy One

September 13, 2021

If you’re totally in love with jewelry, then you probably don’t need an excuse to add to your bling collection. However, some jewelry is meant for special occasions.

 For example, engagement rings are intended to mark that special moment to proclaim a commitment and future marriage to a beloved.  Increasingly, eternity rings are becoming a popular statement of love and wedded bliss too. But are these breathtaking bands appropriate only for marriage-centric occasions? Read on about what an eternity ring is, and when to buy or wear one.  

What Is an Eternity Ring?

Also known as an eternity band, these beautiful rings are typically made from precious metals and feature a continuous line of precious gems around the surface.  They are usually stunning in their simplicity and sometimes serve as a stand-in for wedding rings.  These days, eternity bands come in many different styles and designs.  While these rings are traditionally encrusted with diamonds, the stones can be of any variety and the ring design can range from ultra modern to uber-elaborate.  

History of the Eternity Ring

The first mention of crafting and wearing eternity rings was cited around 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. The design of these early rings was very similar to the eternity bands we see today with a simple ring featuring gems around the entire circumference of the ring.  These handcrafted bands were created as a symbol of eternal love (hence the name eternity ring).  Egyptians meant these rings to make a statement that says, “My love for you is unending, our bond is forever.” 

Today, that same sentiment remains, and it’s often why couples opt to don a magnificent moissanite eternity band instead of wearing a traditional wedding ring. Case in point, the silver screen maven, Marilyn Monroe, chose to wear a bedazzling eternity band instead of an engagement or wedding ring when she was betrothed to baseball hero Joe DiMaggio.   

What Occasions Are Appropriate for Eternity Rings?

The elegant beauty of eternity bands makes them appropriate for almost any occasion that celebrates eternal love and devotion. Here are a few suggested milestones that are popular choices for these deliciously dazzling rings.

Wedding and Engagement: Many couples are swapping out traditional engagement and wedding bands for eternity rings these days. For instance, a full baguette diamond and platinum eternity band may make a powerful statement of undying love on your wedding day.

Anniversaries: Giving your partner an eternity ring on a momentous anniversary might be a sweet symbolic statement of your enduring devotion to one another.  Consider matching wedding anniversary stones to the year of your commitment. For example, you might select a sapphire encrusted eternity ring if you are celebrating your 5th anniversary as this is the stone for that milestone year.  

First Born:  This is a newer trend in which partners present a new mother with an eternity ring to commemorate and celebrate the arrival of a first-born child. The reason being, eternity rings are a symbol of the circle of life. An understated, simple ring with your newborns’ birthstone might be the perfect way to recognize this joyous occasion.

Mother’s Day: Show mom how much you appreciate all her commitment and sacrifice by giving her an eternity ring.  It is a glorious expression of your love for mom, and she will be delighted to receive such a thoughtful, sentimental gift.

On What Finger Should You Wear an Eternity Ring?

If you opt to flaunt a stellar eternity ring instead of a wedding band, the obvious answer is to wear it on the left ring finger, as this is the traditional placement.  Some partners elect to wear an eternity ring combined with a wedding band for a stacked effect on the left ring finger. 

If you’ve been given an eternity band as an anniversary gift, and you already have a wedding ring in place, it’s appropriate to wear your new piece on the opposite ring finger. At the end of the day, there really is no set rule about which finger you choose to feature your unique ring.

Is an Eternity Right for You or Your Partner?

Making a choice to give your partner an eternity ring is extremely personal, so you’ll have your own reasons for purchasing one.  Just remember that these luscious beauties are symbolic of eternal love. As such, any reason or occasion is appropriate for presenting your beloved with this exquisite piece of jewelry. 

Five Things To Do At a Casino That Aren’t Gambling

While casinos are generally known for one thing—gambling—it’s actually only one of the many activities that are available at these establishments. Of course, the goal is to get you to gamble in the end, but if you’re just not into that, it will be nothing to worry about. With so many other things to do, you won’t be bored while you’re at a corporate event or with your family. It doesn’t matter what you’re into, there is something for you at every casino.

Take a Swim or Relax By the Pool

Typically, every casino has a pool and hot tub. While your family or friends are throwing away money, you can enjoy yourself in the water or simply with a drink poolside. Who doesn’t like hanging out by the pool? It’s a great way to pass the time, spend time with your significant other, and cool off from the heat. Since casinos are often in the desert, taking a dip is often what you want to do to beat the heat. They know that the pool or a hot tub satisfies nearly everyone.

Hit Up the Buffet

Casinos are also known for their buffets, especially in Las Vegas. Instead of throwing money down the drain at the tables, grab yourself a seat at the buffet. With everything from steak to crab legs to pasta, casino buffets are meant to please. Not only will you be able to eat what you want, but you’ll also get your money’s worth by filling up. Eating at the buffet is a great way to wait for your family or friends to finish gambling. Choose wisely and you will find yourself in a food coma of the best kind. It’s the perfect alternative to gambling.

See a Show

Casinos also host shows of all kinds. Look up casino events and you will find not only music, but magic and comedy, as well. Whether it’s one of your favorite artists or an unknown act, you will likely have a great time at one of these shows. When you look at the calendar, you will be able to find a show that you’re interested in attending while the others are gambling. Or just give the show of the night a shot. You just might end up experiencing something great. Whether it’s a comic, a band, or a famous magician, casinos bring all kinds of acts to their stages.

Pull Up a Seat at the Bar

Of course, another option is to pull up a seat at the bar. With so many places to drink at a casino, it’s always an option. There’s no better way to wait for gamblers than to enjoy a drink. You just might meet some people there or strike up a conversation with the bartender. Whether it’s just a beer or a fancy cocktail, you can take it to the pool or sit up in your room with your favorite beverage. It’s a great way to pass the time when you’re waiting on a gambler.

Listen to a Conference

Casinos are also often known for their conferences. Whether it’s tech, Esports, or motivational speaking, there are a lot of talks held at casinos. Plan to go to the casino when there is a conference where you can listen to some speeches, visit some booths, or talk to some professionals. Whatever it is, casinos hold conferences of all kinds, where you can expand your mind while people are wasting money. Casinos aren’t known for their mind-expanding qualities, but they are also venues where companies and nonprofits of all kinds come to share their ideas.

If you have plans to go to a casino with your friends or family, don’t dread it if you don’t like gambling. Whether it’s Vegas or a casino off the highway, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the establishment. Just kick back, grab a drink, enjoy a show, take a dip at the pool, or attend an event. Just because you don’t have an interest in gambling doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great time. Plan ahead and you just may be able to find the perfect thing for you to do while others are wasting their money.

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