The COVID Crisis: NYC Data Release By Zip Code Regarding Coronavirus Cases In Harlem And Uptown

More than 1,000 Harlemites have tested positive for coronavirus, according to a new batch of city data that breaks down the number of positive tests in each city zip code.

A long-awaited breakdown of coronavirus cases by neighborhood released Wednesday shows which neighborhoods have been hit the hardest by the outbreak of coronavirus in New York City. Harlem’s 1,281 cases, out of 2,774 tests, account for roughly 17% of Manhattan’s total of 7,278 cases, according to the latest city-data.

The data indicate that Harlem residents are contracting coronavirus at a greater rate than the borough of Manhattan as a whole. Manhattan accounts for just 15% of total New York City coronavirus cases.

Here’s how the numbers break down for Harlem’s eight zip codes:

  • 10026: 126 (300 tests)
  • 10027: 170 (422)
  • 10029: 290 (668) *
  • 10030: 106 (204)
  • 10031: 217 (405)
  • 10035: 147 (345)
  • 10037: 109 (204)
  • 10039: 116 (226)
  • Total: 1,281 (2,774)

* Data shows that the 10029 VIP code has the heights rate of the Corornavius.

The data suggest Brooklyn and Queens have been hit hardest by the pandemic, with only one Manhattan neighborhood reporting the highest percentage range, between 58 and 77 percent. More than 40 zip codes — predominantly in Brooklyn and Queens — have between 304 and 947 residents test positive for COVID-19, according to the map.

Only one of those zip codes, 10040 in Washington Heights, is located in Manhattan reports Patch.

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