Sponsored Love: How To Use Travel Apps To Maximize Your Card Rewards

April 25, 2024

Reward credit cards provide cashback, and other reward points to their users, which are redeemable for miles, dining, groceries, etc.

These cards provide various offers to travelers as a reward, which are extremely beneficial for them, whether traveling throughout the world, going on vacations, or solo traveling. You can earn multiple rewards by spending money via traveling and saving your money. If you have not benefited from your travel points, these are useless until you use them strategically. There are different types of travel rewards, and if you do not know how to get these rewards, this article covers all of them.

Types Of Traveling Rewards

Travel rewards come in various forms, and it is highly beneficial for you to know about all the types of travel rewards, that you can redeem and earn cleverly. Here are all the types of travel rewards offered by reward credit cards:

  • Hoteling Points

    There are many hotel credit cards available, that offer reward points to earn, when using these cobranded cards. It offers rewards points in exchange for joining the hotel loyalty programs. Each point has a value of 1 dollar, and these also vary based on the type of card you hold. Hotel points are used for numerous hoteling services, like booking for stays, room upgradation, getting spa services, and others offered by the specific hoteling company.

    • Airplane Miles

    These are also similar to hotel points, as you can earn travel miles by paying money from a co-branded credit card. Many airline companies are partnered with other credit card companies, and provide numerous benefits to their users. You can exchange these miles for flight bookings, and cabin upgrades from airlines, or specific partners. The value of your miles is determined according to the type of card you hold, your airline company, and the redemption option that you choose.

    • Traveling Points

    General travel credit cards provide numerous travel points to their users, upon using this card for spending money. These cards provide you with an online portal to sign in, and execute purchases related to traveling purposes. You can also use these points for flight booking, hotel stays, cruises, renting a car, and more. You can also send these points to the specific airline, and hotel supported by your credit card company.

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    Apps That Offer Maximum Card Rewards

    If you do not know how many miles you have on your credit card, then pay thanks to these applications, that help you manage your credit card points and miles. This application keeps all the records of your miles, hotel points, dining rewards, and others effectively. Here are the best applications that help in maximizing your card rewards:

    • AwardWallet

      It is the most beneficial in managing all kinds of rewards, offered by your credit card issuer. It offers many important features, with a variety of loyalty programs, tracking of remaining rewards by logging in to the website, and telling how much rewards are left. It also provides its merchant lookup tool, which allows you to search the specific retailers, from which you can achieve more reward points, by spending money on your credit card. These retailers provide grocery, gas, travel, travel, and dining services in exchange for reward points.

      You can also look for those retailers that provide more than 1 point per dollar from its tool. It is a free-to-use application, but if you want more features then you need to pay 30$ annually. These additional features include reviewing historical data, and limitless ending date of your reward points and miles. It also provides a browser extension to automatically log in to those loyalty programs that are linked with it.

      • MaxRewards

      It is also a great application to maximize your rewards, and also effective in tracking your reward points and miles. This application enables you to monitor multiple loyalty programs, and provides all the relative information of every program like earning ratios and other exchange options. You can also get an estimate of the annual amount of rewards, that you can earn based on the credit card balance, its utilizations, and credit limit. It also reminds you about your upcoming bills and their auto-paying status.

      You can manage multiple credit cards with this application. It also recommends those credit cards, that suit best for using it at nearby retailers, to maximize the rewards. It also initiates your credit cards for quarterly bonuses and other deals offered by the card issuer. It also keeps a history of sign-up bonuses, and tells its users about them. It is a free-to-use application and is only available on mobile devices.

      • Tripit Pro

      It is the travel management application that effectively manages your travel plans. It offers all its services, that are required during traveling like flights, hotel, rental car reservation, etc. It provides all the relevant information about travel like airport maps, and other navigation tips. It is a paid service, and charges 49$ per year with its additional features such as a point tracker option. It provides 150 multiple reward programs, which suit the best travelers like dining, airlines, and credit card currencies.

      • Cardpointers

      It is a new application that monitors and manages your credit cards. It supports all credit cards in the entire world.  It provides useful tools for managing your credit cards like adding to digital wallets, prioritizing a card for purchasing, annual fee reminders before the offer expires, etc. It also helps these users who possess multiple credit cards, by ensuring to achieve all the offers available, and earn reward points upon every purchase. Most of its features are available in a paid subscription which costs $60 annually.

      • Travel Freely

      This application allows free traveling without any need to spend money on your trip. It monitors two user’s credit card rewards activities, and helps them to meet the deadlines. It also suggests some offers, to avoid annual fees by downgrading them. It is beneficial to employ other cards within a specific time limit. It enables you to gain more reward points, if both users use their credit cards and collect the rewards collectively. The only disadvantage of this application is that, it is only for travelling purposes, and you cannot use it for cashback purposes.

      Maximizing Your Credit Card Rewards From Traveling Apps

      It is extremely beneficial for you to increase your reward points, by regularly monitoring these applications. You need to keep in mind whether you want your reward for the exchange of traveling, or any other purpose while redeeming these points. Here are some effective tips that help you maximize your credit card rewards via traveling applications:

      • Regular Checking Of Rewards

        You need to track your financial activities generated from the credit cards, and evaluate whether you receive your reward points on each transaction or not. You can observe these by periodically checking your credit point balance, and analyzing did you lost some points, or do they expire? It is extremely beneficial for you, as you stay aware of your reward points, and their end dates, so you can use them within a specific time limit.

        • Effectively Checking Credit Card Bonuses And Limited Offers

        You can check your tracking applications to see, if there is any offer available to gain more reward points. You also need to have a clear understanding of your credit cards like which card is for groceries, which one is for traveling, and which one offers dining. This helps you to gain more rewards from your credit cards, by spending money from a specific card for a particular purpose. People put some stickers or any sign on their cards, from which they easily know what purpose this card is for.

        • Learn To Book Flights For A Better Reward Rate

        Many people do not know how about which partner to choose for their traveling services. Some partners offer lower rates rate, while some offer massive amounts of reward points. It depends on the card issuer, and which company they support the most. Their supported companies give more reward points than others. You can also take the help of other online tools to find out which partner suits you best. These tools are point.me, seats.aero, roame, etc.


        Reward credit cards offer huge benefits to travelers, by giving them miles to earn from it. There are numerous traveling applications, that help you to maximize your rewards. It also allows you to keep track of your reward points, and guides you on how to earn more reward points, by taking part in different offers. These applications also remind you about your reward points to use for traveling. It offers multiple options to redeem these points, and it depends on how you plan to use these points.

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