Solutions To Accomplish Basement Waterproofing From Harlem To Hollywood

January 22, 2020

A damp brownstone basement is the last thing you will want to see happening in your home. It makes your rooms have an awful smell and can impact the value of your home negatively. If nothing is done to correct the causes of a leaky basement, the effect of water can extend to your walls and floors and with time mold starts to grow to put the health of your family in danger. So, when you see these issues, you should opt for basement waterproofing of your home to stop the moisture from spreading to the other areas in your home.

So, you can cure your wet basements in various ways such as checking your gutters to make sure that they divert water away from the foundation of your home. However, if the problem is coming from the underground, then you should choose more aggressive basement waterproofing methods. Here are some approaches you may want to consider to keep your basement dry.

1. Add Gutter Extensions.

Gutter extensions will make sure that water is not dumped near the house. The extensions are added to the downspout to carry water 5 feet away from the foundation of your home.

However, gutter extensions are not long term basement waterproofing solutions since they are constantly tripled on or run over by people and animals.  In this, you may want to opt for permanent underground pipes since they are hidden and are able to transfer a significant amount of runoff water from your home.

2. Plug Gaps.

If you discover water coming through the basement walls via the cracks or gaps, you can plug them using hydraulic cement. This will cost you not more than twenty dollars.

However, you should note that this basement waterproofing method is temporary and effective only when there are a few cracks where water comes through. However, if the water is coming from the floor or the joints where the basement walls meet, the real issue is coming from the underground water and plugs might not be of big help.

3. Landscape Reshaping.

You want to keep the landscape sliding from the home’s foundation for at least six feet. In other words, you can create a mound that directs water before it reaches your home.

4. Waterproof The Walls.

You can choose to install an interior drainage system to eliminate water. However, note that this will not be helpful in waterproofing the walls. As such, you should opt for an exterior system. Choose the French drain to ease up the hydrostatic pressure that develops from the accumulation of water below the basement.

This is usually a significant undertaking that demands to dig of the ground around your structure. However, it is the sure-fire basement waterproofing Toronto method if there are so many gaps in your home. It also eliminates all the mess and keeps water away, which is a great option if you don’t want to interfere with the finished basement.

The limitation of this basement waterproofing approach is that besides the high cost of $20000, there is a serious rearrangement of your landscape since the walkways and decks might be removed.

5. Repair The Footing Drains.

If water is getting into your home through the joints of the basement walls or the floor, then the cause is hydrostatic pressure that pushes water up from the underground.

To remedy this issue, first inspect your home to know whether there are drains that were installed during the construction of the home. To check out this, see whether there is a cleanout pipe with a cap a few inches from the basement floor.

Check whether they are blocked. If they are, open the cap and flush the hole with water using a garden hose. If this doesn’t solve the problem of clogging, you can call a basement waterproofing expert to do it for you. This will cost you approximately $500.

6. Restore The Crown.

If after unclogging the gutters and plugging the holes, the problem persists then you want to check your crown. Your home should rest on a ‘crown’ of soil sloping to a minimum of six inches in all directions. You can do it yourself or call a professional to reshape it for you.

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