Simple Tricks To Boost Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

November 17, 2020

Facebook is a contentious platform among marketers. Even though it was the first social media platform to launch paid ads, a lot of marketers claim that it’s had its day and you’re better off using other platforms instead.

After the announcement that Facebook was reducing the impact of ads on their users’ news feeds, a lot of marketers gave up on the platform.

However, you shouldn’t neglect Facebook because it’s still a great platform for reaching your audience and even if you don’t use paid ads, it can be a very effective marketing tool. A lot of people that claim Facebook just doesn’t work for marketing only think that because their strategy isn’t right. As long as you know what you are doing, you will get some great results from Facebook. You can use these simple tips to improve your Facebook marketing campaigns. 

Track Your Metrics 

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If you want to improve your Facebook marketing, you need to know how you are performing right now and what the problem areas are. Using performance tracking software to measure the success of your posts, your impressions, the cost-per-click of your ads, and your follower count will all give you an idea of how effective your current campaigns are. By looking closely at this data, you can work out what kind of posts are working and which ads are performing well, so you can drop the strategies that don’t do anything for you and put more resources into the areas that are working well. If you start trying to adjust your strategy without tracking your metrics, it’s all guesswork and you will probably end up making things worse. Whenever you make changes, always track the metrics so you can see exactly what impact they are having and how your marketing efforts translate into new leads and sales. 

Choose The Right Business Category 

When you are getting your business set up on Facebook, you need to create a specific business page instead of a personal profile. During the setup process, you will have to choose from different categories for your business. The six categories are:

  • Local business or place
  • Company, organization or institution
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, band or public figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or community

You might think that it matters too much which one you choose but it makes a big difference. The different options give you different features on your page. For example, if you pick local business or place, you will get an option to put an address in, but you don’t get that option with most of the other pages. It’s important that you look at the different features and think carefully about which category is right for your business. If you have a physical location, make sure that you activate the ‘check in’ option so customers can easily post about visiting your business.

Use The Right URL 

The URL on your Facebook page is important but a lot of business owners assume that it doesn’t really matter. The thing is, a long string of random numbers and letters isn’t very memorable and it doesn’t look that professional. That’s why you need a vanity URL. This is a simple, branded URL that usually consists of the business name or a shortened version. It looks more professional and it’s easy to remember and share. It also makes it a lot easier for people to search for you on Facebook, so you will get more traffic on your profile. Google also prefers a simple URL with your business name in it because it can link it to your site’s keywords and identify it as your business page. 

Get Your Pictures And Videos Right 

Facebook, like other social media profiles, is most effective when you use visual content. People won’t spend much time exploring your profile if it is just filled with boring text posts. Using pictures and videos makes your profile far more interesting and you get a much higher level of engagement. Users are far more likely to share an interesting, informative video, which is why vlogging is such an effective marketing tool

On Facebook, you have the option of choosing a profile picture as well as a banner along the top of your page, and you need to think carefully about how you use these spaces. In most cases, your profile picture should be your logo but you have a couple of different options where the banner is concerned. You can use it as an opportunity to showcase your products and our brand, but it’s also a good opportunity to add another call to action to the page. For example, if you sell a service, why not pose a question to the user and invite them to inquire more. You can also put details about your latest deals and offers on your cover photo.

Choose The Right Call To Action Button 

When you set up your profile, you have different options for a call to action button, and it’s important that you consider what your aims are with the page. Are you hoping to drive more traffic to your site or build a bigger following on social media? Do you want people to download your app? Are you trying to promote a specific piece of video content on your website? There are some great call to action buttons that help you with all of these things. The call to action options are as follows: 

  • Book now
  • Contact us
  • Sign up
  • Watch video
  • Use app
  • Play game
  • Shop now

Think carefully about what you are trying to achieve with your Facebook page and pick the call to action that best suits your goals. 

Use Customizable Tabs 

The customizable tabs on the side of your business page are a great feature that often gets overlooked. Organizing your page well makes it easier for users to browse and find the information that they need. You can use the tabs on the side to give more detailed information, so you can keep the main page simple and clutter free. It’s also a good opportunity to add a different call to action. 

If you aren’t getting much out of your Facebook marketing strategy, don’t give up on it just yet. Try some of these simple tips and you should notice a big difference.

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