Puffy Eyes: 5 Common Causes And The Effective Ways To Get Rid Of It

January 23, 2020

By Bretton Daniels

The eyes are said to be a window into a person’s soul and have the power to reveal so much about a human being. Not only because eyes don’t lie, but also because the eye is affected the most by daily life. Whether you’ve been crying, have pulled an all-nighter or are suffering from an allergy, the eyes will show enough symptoms to make it obvious. That is why we have put together a list of the 5 common causes of puffy eyes and the effective ways to get rid of it:

1.  Sleep deprivation

Whether you are a student with exams just around the corner, are suffering from insomnia or have a deadline at work, your eyes will probably be suffering from your lack of sleep. The experts at https://www.kryzuy.com/best-korean-eye-creams/ recommend the use of botanical ingredients to help reduce the puffiness. Because, of the highly moisturizing ingredients, which are absorbed by the skin, evident in orchid eye creams or similar, it can affect your overall appearance and immensely alter the puffiness. While these eye creams use a heavy and thick formula, they are quickly absorbed by the skin. However, it is advised not to use them when in contact with the sun as they tend to melt in the heat.

2.  Dehydration

If you are not getting enough water on a daily basis, your eyes could be paying the price with puffiness. In order to prevent puffiness, due to dehydration, from occurring, make sure you are drinking enough water, which is around 8-10 glasses of water per day. If you forget to drink water during your daily routine, you can add a reminder, every couple of hours, to your phone or even download a drinking water app, that sets an alarm to notify you it is time to drink.

3.  Salt

Too much salt in your system can cause bloating, swelling and eye puffiness too, due to the high amounts of sodium retained in your body. The reason behind this phenomenon is that salt has the ability to store larger amounts of water in your body and prevent it from being released; this makes different areas of your body swell. One of these areas is around the eyes, leading to an overall puffy-eyed look. In order to reduce the puffiness, you should monitor your salt intake, drink lots of water or replace high-sodium foods with whole foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits. In order to keep track of your salt intake, you should always read the ingredients and labels carefully and determine the amounts of sodium each item contains. This will allow you to identify the source that is not only causing your puffy eyes, but also damaging your health.

4.  Allergies

During spring, it is quite common to see many people suffering from puffy eyes; this could be mainly due to allergies. Because, allergy to hay fever is quite common, the protective cells in the eyes known as mast cells release immune proteins in order to fight those antigens, causing swelling, puffiness as well as teary eyes and itchiness. Luckily, allergies are quite easy to treat, if you know what you’re allergic to. You can either avoid the source of allergy entirely, to prevent the symptoms, or use artificial eye drops, to rinse out your eyes, or wash your nose to remove the swelling around the sinus. In most cases, you can also get over-the-counter medication specific for eye swelling, to help you overcome the allergic reactions and reduce the symptoms.

5.  Eye infection

Puffiness can also be a result of common eye infections, such as pink eye, stye, chalazion or periorbital cellulitis. You can first try to reduce the swelling by using a damp clean towel around your infected eye. But in most cases, you will need to see a doctor, as an antibiotic will need to be prescribed, to reduce the swelling. Most eye-infections are highly contagious, so avoid touching your eyes or using public cloth or towels to prevent the infection from spreading.

While, eye puffiness is quite common and one of the first symptoms people can notice, it is also quite simple to cure. Once you have figured out the cause, the treatment could lie in the right eye cream, getting the necessary treatment or avoiding specific foods. So, do not worry if you wake up with swollen eyes, since you will be able to reduce the symptom in no time, once you know the cause.

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