Music Improves Your Mental And Physical Health

January 21, 2022

You’re familiar with how eating right and exercise improve your health but did you know music also plays a part in your overall well-being?

It may sound shocking at first, but when you stop to think about it, it makes perfect sense. Music is a vital part of life.

The first thing that comes to mind when you mention the music is what you hear on the radio. Although mainstream entertainers are broadcasted over the airwaves, music is all around you, not just on the radio. 

Set the Mood

Music is a surefire way to trigger emotions. In fact, advertisers and businesses use this as part of their marketing strategy. Chances are, you also know firsthand how music has played a part in your own life. Most people use either live music, such as indie bands, or a DJ for social events like weddings, parties and corporate events. 

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Social Connection 

Music brings people together and promotes a feeling of social connectedness. When you go to a sporting event, whether it’s the National Anthem played before a baseball game, or a school spirit song, those in attendance sing along in solidarity and support. The same can be said about attending a protest with like-minded people marching and chanting together with a shared purpose. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to attend a religious ceremony or Sunday worship without joining in on the hymns sung by the congregation. People sing along because it helps to build the group identity for all in attendance. 

Some of the best memories for children are when their parents sang to them. It starts early in life with a lullaby to help babies drift off to sleep to the soothing sound of their parent’s voices. As babies grow and develop, singing songs together helps to teach how to tie shoes or to help pass the time while completing household chores. Having a singsong on a road trip can also help make the drive less boring for an otherwise uninvolved journey. 

Emotional Connection

As you go through life, there are songs and music that evoke emotions. Whether it’s the song that played for the first dance at your wedding or a playlist to keep you entertained as you had your house-painting party. 

When you hear certain songs, it instantly takes you back to the memory you have associated with hearing that song and you experience the emotions all over again.

Never underestimate the energizing impact of creating a playlist for different events in your life. Anything from a girlie weekend with your friends to hosting a party or barbecue. Not only are you creating memories for yourself, but you’re also giving your friends and family a reason to smile when they hear those songs weeks, months, or years later and relive those same great times. 

Music also plays a big part in courtship. Most couples have a song they claim as “theirs”. You can listen to the words of a song that remind you of your partner, making that song have an extra meaning or feel-good factor associated with it. If you are feeling romantic and sentimental, serenade your significant other with a special song, it’ll be a moment they aren’t soon to forget!

Mental and Physical Health

Studies have shown that music can also calm anxiety. Although listening to music before a stressful event has little impact on preventing anxiety, listening to something relaxing afterward can help your nervous system recover. 

Music is energizing! An uptempo beat makes you want to move, which helps improve heart health. Struggling with fatigue on a long car journey? Open the windows and turn up the radio!

Music is all around you, use it to bolster positivity and recharge or foster relaxation. However you choose to incorporate music in your life, you won’t regret it.

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