Love Hunting? Here’s How To Make It Easier And More Fun

August 16, 2021

If hunting is your hobby, then you know how difficult and frustrating it can be.

Hunting can be a great way to spend time with your friends and family, but it also takes up a lot of time. If this is something you enjoy doing, then this article will give you some tips that will make hunting easier and more fun!

Use a shotgun 

A shotgun can be a hunting implement that can make your game much easier. If you want to use a shotgun for hunting, there are certain considerations like the desired range of the shot when choosing which caliber gun or shells your firearm uses. A long barrel will aim higher than shorter barrels and may require more compensation in trajectory by aiming lower as well. The larger gauge shotgun results in less recoil but has slower reload time between shots.

Shooting at your prey with shotguns is easier than hunting with rifles. A rifle uses a single bullet to take down the prey whereas shotguns have more power and are able to shoot multiple times in different directions at once, which makes hunting much easier. This way, there is less chance of missing your shot, and you’ll leave the hunt happier.

Upgrade your transportation 

Getting around places during a hunt can be exhausting, which is why hunting is not as much fun.  What you can do to make hunting easier and more fun, is buy a silent bike that will be easy to carry around during hunting trips. Getting QuietKat bikes can be very beneficial because you won’t drive any animals away and you’ll get around the woods faster. You’ll also be saving on gas since these silent vehicles are e-bikes. 

Another good idea is upgrading the suspension system on your daily driver so it’s better suited for off-road driving if hunting near mountains or forest preserve trails. You can also make hunting easier and more lighthearted by finding a place closer to home where you hunt because travel time won’t take up most of your day anymore! 

Find a hunting buddy

Going on hunts alone is often not fun, but bringing a friend can make it more enjoyable. Finding a hunting buddy can help motivate you to go out and also provide someone who will appreciate the meat that is hunted.

When starting out, it’s best to find someone who has similar hunting goals as you do so they understand your aims when trying new techniques or styles of hunting.  Start by talking with friends and family about their thoughts on going hunting together and narrowing down your choices from there.

You’ll also be safer because hunting with a hunting buddy is less likely to result in injury. Find someone who will go hunting even when the weather’s not perfect. If they are willing, you can teach them everything that you know about hunting and help them take down their first animal, which will make for an excellent bonding experience!

Join a hunting club

If you like hunting, you should consider hunting clubs. There are a number of advantages to hunting at club hunting grounds, and they can change your experience in the outdoors for the better. First of all, you will have access to hunting spots that would be unavailable without joining the club. Accessing these locations is only possible if you join up with other hunters who do not mind sharing their spot on occasion. 

Joining these clubs also gives you an opportunity to socialize with others who share your interests in outdoor activities such as hunting which means more friendships! This way, it becomes easier for you because someone else takes care of rentals, permits fees, handling logistics, etc, so you can focus on hunting.

Here is a list of benefits of joining:

  • hunting club grounds
  • hunting buddies that you meet through hunting clubs
  • access to exclusive hunting locations 
  • socializing with other hunters
  • splitting up duties
  • hunting buddies 
  • handling logistics 
  • permits fees

Practice shooting at targets and animals 

If you are new to hunting, you should practice shooting at targets and animals as much as possible. This will help you develop the skills to aim properly, shoot quickly when hunting, and know how your rifle functions with different loads of ammo or bullet weights. 

You should try hunting from a variety of angles: stalking through shrubs or trees, hunting over hillsides against wind direction by sneaking up on prey before they can run away, hunting in open fields while being mindful of other hunters close by who may be aiming for the same animal that you are targeting.

Rifle practice is best done outside where there are no obstacles blocking shots (i.e., houses) but indoor ranges can work if there’s nothing else available.

Hopefully, this article post has been helpful in teaching you about the different things you can do to prepare for hunting season. Make sure that when it comes time to shoot, your shotgun is up-to-date and reliable! Practice at targets and animals so you are ready to come hunting day! Make sure to consider other types of transportation too. Join a local club or start one of your own with friends if there isn’t one nearby. Have fun and good luck out there!

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