Keep Your Hands Soft And Healthy This Winter

February 15, 2021

As the temperatures plummet outside and we turn up the thermostats in our homes, the skin on our hands can quickly look dry and chapped.

Dry hands are among the most common complaints during the winter months. Cold weather tends to zap the moisture out of the air which amplifies the drying effect on our skin. Frequent hand-washing can make this worse because soap and water remove essential natural oils from our hands. To help prevent chapped hands, follow these tips below.

Put on those gloves

Treating dry hands is all about prevention. When it’s cold outside, put on a pair of gloves wherever you go. If you’ve got very sensitive skin or suffer from certain skin conditions like rosacea, invest in a quality pair of wool or cashmere gloves. When you’re heading out into snow, grab a water-resistant pair of gloves.

Wash your hands with moisturizing soap

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Washing your hands is important to get rid of germs and prevent the spread of infections. Knowing how to wash your hands is among the most important things you can do for your health and that of those around you. But frequent hand-washing can leave your skin dry and flaky. That’s why it’s best to use a moisturizing soap. Use lukewarm rather than hot water as hotter temperatures can strip essential oils from your skin.

Moisturize regularly

Dry skin craves moisture. It’s a good idea to keep a tube of moisturizer in your bag, next to your desk, and even your bed. By replenishing the moisture that’s lost, your skin can heal more rapidly and recover. For an overview of some of the best creams for dry winter hands, have a look at this article.

Don’t overdo the hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are formulated to kill off bacteria and germs on the skin. Many of them contain very high amounts of alcohol to achieve their goal. This means they’re very drying and can be damaging for sensitive skin. It’s best to avoid alcohol-based hand sanitizers or use them sparingly.

Swap the dryer for the towel

Hand dryers that blow out hot air can aggravate dry skin even more. To keep your hands looking soft and smooth, reach for a towel instead. If there are no towels in sight, you can either shake your hands and allow them to air dry or apply a moisturizer immediately after using a hot air dryer.

Wrap your hands in moisture gloves overnight

For an extra moisture boost, apply a thick layer of moisturizer or Vaseline to your hands just before you go to bed and put on some cotton gloves. You’ll wake up to gorgeously nourished hands. When you suffer from common skin conditions like rosacea or psoriasis and aren’t sure how to treat them, you may want to apply special treatments and check with your medical provider on the best solutions available.

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