Interested In Paddle Boarding? Here’s 4 Ways On How To Get Started

November 29, 2020

Though it may seem like an easy sport from afar, paddleboarding actually offers a really intense full-body workout. It engages the upper body while strengthening the core and leg muscles. It also requires a lot of focus and coordination that urges your brain to stay sharp and focused. Moreover, paddleboarding gives you a chance to explore the outdoors and connect with nature.

Paddleboarding never gets old; no matter how often you engage in it, it will never fail to challenge you in different ways. If you are reading this, then you are probably eager to give paddleboarding a try, and here is how to start.

Invest in Quality Equipment

If you are not an expert, distinguishing bad-quality paddleboards from good ones can be tricky. The stiffness of some inflatables may not be ample enough for balance support, easy standing, and gliding. This will quickly make you lose confidence on the board. The best way to ensure that you learn the basics on a quality board is by enrolling in a professional paddleboarding school. You should learn on a good quality board enough times to build up the confidence that you need to work your way through. 

Find a Good Instructor 

To get off on the right foot, you should sign up for paddleboarding lessons. It is not a good idea to just hit the water and figure it out on your own. If you do something wrong and it ruins your first experience, you might get discouraged and give up on paddleboarding altogether. It would be a shame to miss out on such a fun activity, especially if you happen to live by the ultimate paddleboarding location like Santa Barbara, for instance.

This is why you should look for a good teacher who will educate you on paddle techniques, safety, and posture, and give you tips on how to navigate your way on the paddleboard smoothly. The paddleboarding professionals over at believe that paddleboarding lessons are essential, especially for beginner paddleboards. It is good to follow a structured approach until you gain a better understanding of the sport. Even if you decide that you do not want to carry on with the lessons, later on, you will have at least covered the basics, which should help you carry on from there. 

Practice at Your Own Pace

If you have not yet mastered the art of balancing yourself on a paddleboat, do not stress over it, and do not rush the process. It is okay to start out paddleboarding on your knees, in fact, many people pick it up that way. It is important to work on your balance and work on improving it, but it wouldn’t hurt to sit on the paddleboard at first if you feel more comfortable that way. Naturally,  your legs will shake when you start to stand up on the paddleboard. Embrace the process, and remember not to pressure yourself. The fact that your legs are shaking means that your leg muscles are being activated, which is a sign that you are doing just fine. Try to focus on your breaths to calm yourself down. 

Get Involved with the Paddleboarding Community

When partaking in a new activity or a sport, it is always a great idea to involve yourself and keep up with the community of people who share the same interests. Keeping yourself updated, watching videos of people practicing the sport, or just seeing other people being passionate about the same things as you, can make you more encouraged and help you stay excited.

One way to do that is to just join other people who frequently paddleboard at the same location as you, or join groups that the community has created on different social media platforms. You may be reluctant at first because you’d think that you are not as good as them or haven’t been practicing the sport for as long as them. However, you may be surprised by how many people would be willing to encourage, support you, and get back to you about any inquiries that you have. 

Paddleboarding is a very versatile sport; it has many benefits and is incredibly exciting. It would never fail to grant you an awesome experience almost every time, whether you practice alone or with friends.

If you want to start paddleboarding but are unsure about how or where to begin, the tips highlighted in this article should guide you through the very first steps of your paddleboarding journey. With the right gear and enough practice, you’ll be navigating the waters like a pro in no time.

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