Ice Cream Day 2nd Most Popular Food Day: Can It Be Part of Diet Plans?

March 25, 2020

By Bretton Love

There are many temporary diets and many of them are attractive for the same reasons that they are also ineffective. An ice cream diet is one such diet plan that seems too good to be true… and it probably is. There are several forms of this diet – some are somewhat revolutionary, but some are not…

Maybe the fact that National Ice Cream Day is the second most popular food day in the world contributed to the fact that people started to think that ice cream can be a part of diet plans. Yes, you heard well – National Ice Cream Day is #2 in the world. This is a result of a unique scoring system made by Betway in which Google search volume of worldwide food days was enriched with posts on Instagram.

A Version From the Book

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The original ice cream diet is based on the book “The Ice Cream Diet” written by Holly McCord in 2002. The assumption is simple: add ice cream to your daily routine and you will lose weight. But, the actual diet in practice has little to do with any of the benefits of losing weight associated with ice cream.

According to dietitian nutritionist Jo Bartell, this is a calorie-restricted diet. Her thought on this can be summed up in the conclusion that whenever people follow calorie-restricted diets and eat fewer calories than they burn throughout the day, or more than they ate before following the plan, they are about to lose weight.

The diet suggests that you can add a sweet creamy treat to your daily life and still lose weight. This isn’t because the ice cream contains any “magic powers” for weight loss, but because you’re restricting calories. In addition to ice cream, low-fat, high-fiber meals, more vegetables and fruits are offered, all of which are healthy suggestions.

Ice Cream Diet – Advantages and Disadvantages

When people don’t feel deprived and enjoy something they love, they are more likely to follow the diet plan and stick to a meal to lose weight. Clearly, there’s potential for return.

Ice cream in diet plans come down to calorie restriction. Anyone who eats 1,200 calories a day will lose weight in the short term because the body will have a calorie deficit. This has to do with a lack of calories, not ice cream.

Eating just ice cream is never healthy. Consuming large amounts of ice cream while on a calorie-restricted diet carries risk that’s beyond thriving to lose weight.

That’s Unsustainable

A dramatic drop in calories can cause you to lose fluid, which creates the illusion of losing weight when looking at the weigh scale, but it doesn’t mean much in terms of tangible changes. Weight loss isn’t permanent, and people who are on the diet will gain weight again when they return to their usual daily diet.

Not all foods that are characterized as healthy foods are really healthy and many “detox” diets are potentially dangerous because they encourage extremely low-calorie intake.

This Is Unhealthy

One cup of vanilla ice cream can contain 273 calories, 31 grams of carbohydrates, 14.5 grams of fat and 28 grams of sugar. Even fat-free and sugar-free ice cream contains at least 6 grams of milk sugar (lactose) per cup – and no fiber.

This frozen dessert is still high in saturated fat and sugar and should be treated as a casual treat. While milk-based ice cream contains calcium, so do other, healthier options, such as Greek yogurt.

So What Diet Is “THE ONE?

A healthy, well-balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains is often the healthiest diet plan. Combined with regular exercise, this healthy diet will give you the lasting results you aspired to.

Occasional ice cream treats are fine when you eat an otherwise healthy diet, but they should never be the basis of your daily diet.

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