How To Stay Safe During A Whole Night Of Partying

November 24, 2020

Partying is a big part of our youth. It is how we make memories that last a lifetime; memories we look back upon fondly. There is nothing wrong with partying, but at times, it can be dangerous. We hear horror stories of young men and women being hurt; abducted; spiked; or injuring themselves while out partying, which is we have written this article. Staying safe when you are out partying is quite easy, providing you follow the steps and guidelines that we are going to set forward in this article.

In this article, we will answer our titular question: how can you stay safe during a whole night of partying? There are many ways in which one can ensure their safety while partying, and you will find all of them here. In order to have a fun, stress-free, and safe night, look no further than here. Here is how to stay safe during a whole night of partying.

Legal Assistance in the Aftermath

While not a preventative measure, nor a method of ensuring your safety [while partying, at least], it is important that you always have a lawyer on retainer, or at the very least, the number of a good lawyer. Should you injure yourself when partying, whether you hurt yourself through walking and drinking accidents and you believe it wasn’t yourself, or if you are injured intentionally by another person, a lawyer should be your first point of call. If you are injured and it is not your fault, only a lawyer [and the police] will be able to help you receive the justice and compensation that you are undoubtedly due. It is always a good practice, whatever your age, to have the number of a good lawyer to help you in times of trouble.

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Notify Family and Friends

When you are going out partying, especially if you are going out with people who you have not gone out with before, it is always good to notify your family and friends so that if you are hurt or do not return when you said you were going to, that they can make the necessary inquiries to ensure you return home safely. Going out with strangers, providing they are friends, is rarely a problem. However, in the case that it is, by notifying your family and friends with who and where you are going out, you will keep yourself safe.

Avoid Unfamiliarity

When you are going out partying, especially if you are alone, it is always best to avoid unfamiliarity. In our youth, we often find ourselves drunk and lost, due to partying in areas we are not familiar with. It is recommended, not only by this author but by many in law enforcement and the legal industry that you do not go and party in places you are unfamiliar with. This could be a house, a town, or a nightclub. Stick to places you know to ensure if something does happen that somebody will recognize you and keep you safe.

Strangers Drinks? No Thank You!

Young men and women being drugged and spiked has been a common theme in newspapers throughout the world for many years now. To avoid falling victim to a predator, do not drink any drinks given to by strangers, and do not leave your drinks unattended. Doing so can put you at risk of falling victim to a predator. Only drink your own drink and do not leave it lying around anywhere. Keep your drink with you at all times and turn down drinks from anybody else.


When going out, it’s always good to have a chaperone with you. A chaperone does not necessarily have to be someone who is sober all night, but simply someone who does not drink to excess, and who is sensible. Your chaperone could be a good friend, a family member, or a responsible adult. Bringing a chaperone out with you when partying can ensure that if you do find yourself overwhelmingly drunk that you do not get hurt by anyone else or yourself. Taking a chaperone is not ‘cool’ but it is safe, and at the end of the day, safety is all that matters.

Drink Responsibly

Our final suggestion is for you to drink responsibly. Harm often comes to those who do not. Drinking within your limits can ensure you have a good time and that you do not hurt yourself or anyone else. Drink responsibly, maturely, and within your limits.

With this page, you now know a few ways in which you can party safely. At the moment, nobody’s partying [due to SARS-CoV-19 restrictions], but when the world opens up again and the lockdown restrictions are reduced, we will all be flocking back to nightclubs and bars. When we do, it is important to act responsibly and use this page to keep ourselves safe.

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