How To Pass The Time And Have Fun While Doing It

September 1, 2021

Whether it’s the pandemic or you just happen to find yourself stuck with plenty of free time, there are several ways to pass it while having fun.

In the last couple of years, people found their way to kill time through creative activities around the house after experiencing phases of boredom and depression. Watching a bunch of movies with a bowl full of popcorn can be satisfying to many of us, but trust me, the list will shortly end. Wandering around the house visiting the fridge every five seconds will be the next step. Reading a book, scrolling your cell phone, playing games, and all sorts of activities that most of us know are great to make use of free time, but trying new things that you never thought of can be more sufficient. You may even discover a new passion or something you always wanted to try but did not find space for in your busy daily schedule. Read through our article to find fun ways to pass the time and enjoy doing it.

Play Music

Everyone loves listening to music and has their own playlists, but have you ever considered playing a musical instrument? Many people may think that they’re too old for it, but the fact is that arts, in general, is the one thing that doesn’t require a certain age to start. Learning to play an instrument is on top of the list. All you need to do is have the time, willingness, and patience to start. Now, what about talent? Many people understand that it requires talent to learn. That’s true; talent makes your learning pace faster.  But if you also have the passion, you’ll learn but only at a slower pace. Anything that we try to learn needs skills, and skills are acquired through practice. Just like languages, many people learn faster than others, but the end result is that we all learn. The brain can easily absorb knowledge, but only if it’s motivated. Coordinating the hand and body movement with the brain’s ability to adapt will get you there sooner than you expect. However, being older means that you have a better focus ability. Adults students tend to have greater patience and analytical skills that allow them to process knowledge faster and easier.

Online Games 

No matter how hard we try pulling ourselves away from screens, we’re still easily magnetized to its power. This  makes playing online games a positive activity during times of boredom. Unlike mobiles and TVs where you’re just a passive receiver of whatever content you’re watching, online games require interaction. It promotes critical thinking and problem solving, skills, tactics, and strategy. Online games can also be stress relieving, helping the brain enter a light meditative state. A game called Solitaire is very entertaining and boredom-free while practicing a mental activity that is soft and relaxing. Low-risk games, meaning you’re not under the stress of losing, creates the right atmosphere of alone time for any player.

We Read But How About Writing?

Many people might ask if they can learn how to write, especially if they’re not talented writers.  The good news is that writing can be learned, acquired, and developed like any other skill. Writing is a very refined way to communicate and express your feelings. We’ve all experienced writing in one  way or another, writing school essays, writing a plan or a report for work, or simply writing a journal to keep track of your memories. When you come to think of it, writing is already something that you have practiced throughout your life, but what’s different here is trying to write something unrelated to a specific requirement. Write about something that you’re passionate about or even a short story from your imagination, maybe flashes of little memories and experiences of others. Writing is a time killer, controls anxiety, and helps release stress.  Expressive writing can give you a better understanding of your emotions and  inner thoughts, and enhances your self-awareness. 

Plan Your Next Trip 

Have you ever dreamt of visiting a place somewhere but never got a chance to plan this trip or gather information about the best hotels, resorts, or outstanding sights to see? Having free time is the perfect opportunity to begin your research and planning. Set a budget and a date for your trip, and if you haven’t started saving for your dream trip, set a financial plan to do so. Check out flight rates or other transportation options, look into the hotels, locations, and prices. If more than one destination is included, see where you want to begin and end your trip. After getting done with the guidelines, go for more details and information. You can even create your itinerary. What are the sightseeing and excursions you want to do? Are there any reservations that need to be booked in advance? Will you need to schedule a day or two for rest or shopping? Doing this research and digging into information will keep you informed; it also motivates you to work and save for your dream trip.

Crossword Puzzles

We see many people play crossword puzzles while commuting because it’s time-killing, and it distracts your brain from negative or stressful thoughts. The fact is, crosswords games do more to your brain than just distract or help you pass the time in a fun way. Actually, it helps your mind stay younger, more active, and smarter. Games like crosswords and sudoku help keep your memory alert and strengthen your cognitive ability, preventing  serious illnesses like Alzheimer’s. You can go solo in playing crosswords games or engage the whole family to entice more fun and spice up the challenge.

Having free time is something that many of us would appreciate, especially when dealing with a busy and hectic life. However, the last couple of years of suffering global lockdown, made us appreciate the daily activities, work, and errands we all hated. Having free time while not knowing what to do with it will only create a sense of boredom and trigger negative thoughts and feelings to rise. Being able to make use of time, in general, is something we should learn.  Engaging ourselves in fun activities and trying out new things that we never had time for can be a great start to explore and discover new interests.

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