How To Control Driving-Related Anxiety

January 15, 2021

If there is one thing that is for certain, it is that every single person on the planet experiences anxiety at some point in their life.

Anxiety strikes when we find ourselves in unpredictable, uncomfortable and uneasy situations. It is this sudden rush of fear and worry that sends shockwaves through your body and infests your mind with thoughts that cause extreme panic. Anxiety causes unpleasant thoughts to intrude the brain and cause us to believe that something awful may occur.

We may suffer anxiety in any given situation. It can creep up on us if we are nervous about a certain situation, if we are worried about finance, work, anything that we must face in everyday life and it can without a doubt, affect us when we get behind the wheel and take to the roads.

Driving-Related Anxiety

Driving-related anxiety is extremely common. It can range in severity, depending on each 

individual. Certain people who suffer from this terrible mental anxiety will try to avoid driving at all costs, others may feel hesitant to get behind the wheel, however continue to do so, as they may rely on their motors, to get them to where they need to be in everyday life. 

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Yes, experiencing driving-related anxiety can cause extreme stress on a person. They may fear being involved in a car accident and worry that they may cause a collision because of the anxiety they feel, when in the driving seat. They could worry about the road sense of other motorists, believing that they are in danger of being a casualty of those who drive erratically and choose not to follow the speed limit. Anxiety can be so difficult to control at times, when suffering terrible thoughts of worry however, there are roads you can go down to help you in controlling these unpleasant intrusive thoughts. There are a number of coping methods you can adopt to aid you in conquering this anxiety, offers a program, teaching successful techniques, to help you in terminating your driving anxiety, once and for all. There are a few coping mechanisms you can try yourself, to help you to stay cool under pressure and keep your anxiety levels to a minimum.

Reason With Your Thoughts

When suffering feelings of anxiety, we automatically feel that we are in some sort of danger. We tend to think that because our feelings tell us we may be in jeopardy, so that makes it evident to us that we are in danger. This is the intrusive thoughts taking over our minds. Just take a moment and ask yourself, what evidence do you actually have to support these beliefs. You have been in the same conundrum, time and time again and you have always come out on the other side. 

Concentrate on the Road Ahead

Drivers who suffer with anxiety, feel the need to map out the entire trip, before they have even begun. This will lead them to plan the whole journey in advance, worrying about certain routes they may dread, any disastrous events that may occur while merging onto the freeway and any hectic busy places, the roads are usually chaotic. This results in your mind running wild and imagining destructive outcomes at the very start of your trip. Take a breath, sit back, and focus on the here and now. There is no sense in worrying about the road ahead, it is impossible and extremely tiring to agonize over the entirety of your journey.

Conquer Your Fear, Do Not Avoid Fearful Situations 

When we avoid certain things in life that riddle us with feelings of fear, our brains program, that if we constantly avoid these situations, then we must be in danger. Try and reset your mind, take time to reason with yourself and have the determination to face the fears head-on. Many people find if they confront the situations that cause them to feel anxious, you can teach yourself that really the situation is not a threat and it will boost your confidence on the road. 

Banish Away the Anticipation

Anticipating a situation before it has even occurred, allows us to imagine the worst scenario humanly possible. Anticipating all events that may or may not happen on your journey, will sound alarm bells ringing and send waves of panic to your brain. Anticipation is far worse than the reality of a situation. Relax, unwind and take each moment as it comes.

Anxiety really can feel like it is taking over our life. We can feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel and believe we may suffer with this terrible mental condition for the entirety of our lives. Just remember, if you put your mind to it, you can possess the power to banish anxiety away and finally be free and start living life to the maximum! 

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