How To Become A Millionaire From Harlem To Harare With Bitcoin?

June 27, 2022

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was produced in 2009 by an anonymous programmer or group of programmers under the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin can be sent anywhere around the world with minimal fees and is completely transparent thanks to its blockchain technology recording all Bitcoin transactions ever made.For more information visit immediate edge.

People have speculated that Bitcoin could become mainstream currency due to its ease-of-use, the potential for anonymity, no chargebacks, and status as ‘the internet’s money. A single Bitcoin is worth over $900 at the time of writing, but since Bitcoin has no set value it will fluctuate depending on demand. It reached a high of over $1000 last year but dropped down after China banned Bitcoins from being introduced into Yuan.

Bitcoin is also used for a variety of other purposes such as funding Bitcoin startups and Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin has been around since 2009, but there are still multiple things to consider before going out and investing serious money into Bitcoin. First of all, Bitcoin is highly volatile meaning it will go up or down at any moment without warning so you need to be able to stomach the risk. 

Second of all, Bitcoin is not widely accepted by businesses so you’ll have a hard time spending your Bitcoins unless you sell them back for cash first. Thirdly, Bitcoin should only be seen as a high-risk investment because the technology behind Bitcoin could fail tomorrow causing its value to drop significantly. Finally, Bitcoin could become mainstream currency if it establishes itself well enough in the public eye. Bitcoin may be worth nothing in a few years, or Bitcoin could be worth hundreds of dollars by 2017 making Bitcoin investors millionaires.

To become a Bitcoin investor all you need to do is buy Bitcoins with real money and wait to see how much it rises in value before selling Bitcoins for cash. I would recommend doing some research on Bitcoin first because there are multiple fake websites out there trying to trick people into sending Bitcoin that never get returned. Also, keep in mind that investing in Bitcoin is extremely risky due to its highly volatile nature.

Do you want to become a Bitcoin millionaire? Are you curious about Bitcoin and would like to learn more? Bitcoin is the world’s most popular digital currency. It enables instant payments to anyone with minimum transaction costs. Bitcoin is in the process of revolutionizing the way we think about money and transferring value globally.

Bitcoin is different from other Currencies

Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin cannot be printed and its supply is limited. Bitcoin uses technology that solves maths problems as part of what makes Bitcoin so unique. Instead of being run by a government or other centralized authority, it is controlled by people who use Bitcoin all over the world through peer-to-peer networks, free software wallets, or online services like Coinbase are used for convenience because they store your coins on their website for faster trading options. Bitcoin is open-source and Bitcoin wallets can be downloaded for free. Bitcoin also has low volatility, so Bitcoin has almost no risk of inflation. Bitcoin goes up in value because more people want Bitcoin than there is Bitcoin available to buy so Bitcoin continues to go up in price.


If you don’t think Bitcoin will become the new world currency then invest some time into learning more about Bitcoin or trading Bitcoin on your own. Try out Coinbase , Kraken , Binance or GDAX . Get some Bitcoin by selling items online at places like OpenBazaar, Bitify, Craigslist using LocalBitcoins, or Paxful. You could even ask for Bitcoin as payment on game sites like Steam (they started accepting it). Alternatively, use to save up to 50% on Amazon. Bitcoin is growing in popularity worldwide and Bitcoin millionaires are becoming a digital reality every day. Bitcoin has the power to change our financial world forever so why wouldn’t you at least invest $100 of your hard-earned money for Bitcoin today?

Bitcoin can be traded in many different ways. Bitcoin can be purchased using credit cards at Coinmama,, or through gift card exchanges like Paxful. Bitcoin can also be traded through peer-to-peer marketplaces like LocalBitcoins, Paxful, or WallofCoins. Bitcoin ATMs are another way to purchase Bitcoin using cash, debit cards (rarely), or gift cards at places like BTER. You could also try selling Bitcoin yourself over Bitcoin Forums, Bitcoin Social, or Bitcoin Reddit. Bitcoin exchanges like Coinbase and Bitcoin wallets like Blockchain let Bitcoin holders sell Bitcoin for US Dollars.

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