How Often Should You Have Your Hearing Checked?

October 7, 2022

When you lead a busy life, it’s easy to forget about getting regular hearing checks.

You might remember to go to the dentist to check your teeth and gums, or head to the doctor’s clinic every month for advice on diabetes management.

But booking a hearing test with an audiologist is something that might be right at the bottom of your to-do list. Maybe it’s the thing that you keep telling yourself you’ll get around to at the weekend…but then you completely forget about it.

Many of us take our hearing for granted. It’s only when we start to lose our hearing that we realize how important it is. It can be frustrating and worrying when you’re unable to hear with the same clarity as you once could.

Why is Getting Regular Hearing Tests Important?

Sadly, age-related hearing loss is a natural part of life and there’s little that we can do to reverse it. However, there are several other causes of hearing loss, some of which can be quickly identified during a hearing test.

Chronic exposure to loud noises can cause irreversible damage to the tiny bones in the ear or rupture the ear drum, as can ear infections. Injuries to any part of the ear or auditory system can also impact your hearing.

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Getting regular check-ups with an audiologist means that you can identify hearing issues and get the right help. You might be able to prevent the issue from worsening and maintain a great quality of life.

An audiologist will assess your hearing and identify whether or not you would benefit from a hearing aid. They will also provide ongoing treatment plans to help you live life as normally as possible, despite having hearing loss.

Your audiologist will also be able to tell if your hearing aids need adjustments to meet your current needs. If your hearing has worsened since you got your hearing aids, you might need to update your devices or change their settings.

How Often Should I Have My Hearing Tested?

Generally, it’s recommended that you get your hearing tested at least once every decade as an adult. If you’re above the age of 60, you should have a test once a year.

The fine hairs inside the inner ear that are responsible for transmitting sound waves further down the ear canal can get damaged more easily as you get older. Therefore, the risk of age-related hearing loss increases drastically as you reach senior age and check-ups are the best way to quickly identify any deterioration in your hearing.

Even if you have already got hearing aids, you should still go for regular check-ups with the audiologist. Your hearing aids need to be tested from time to time, especially if you notice that they aren’t as effective as they once were.

Remember that hearing loss isn’t linear. It’s a dynamic condition that can vary in severity. That’s why getting your hearing tested is so crucial. The quicker you catch deterioration in your hearing, the quicker you can get the right devices and aids to prevent it from negatively impacting your life.

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