How Do You Defend Yourself In An Accident Involving A Bus?

October 20, 2021

Bus accidents could lead to multiple injuries and several victims, and the owner of the bus could try strategies to dismiss a legal claim. Accident victims need an attorney to defend them in court and present the case to the judge. If the bus owner attempts to avoid liability, the victims need an attorney that can defend them and prevent the responsible driver from avoiding paying compensation for their injuries.

Hire an Attorney 

After an accident involving a bus, the victims must seek legal counsel. Bus companies and public transportation authorities will present low settlement offers to victims in an attempt to save money.

They will also make attempts to redirect the blame to auto owners and avoid paying any settlement at all. Victims who were involved in a bus accident should hire an attorney immediately and allow their attorney to speak to the bus company or authority or any representatives trying to communicate with the victim. 

Get Copies of Your Medical Records

Medical records substantiate the victim’s claim that they sustained injuries in the bus accident. The records must show all injuries the victim sustained, and the doctor’s notes must indicate that the injuries happened as a result of the accident.

Proof of injuries that are normal in a bus accident supports the victim’s claim. If the victim’s injuries are permanent or cause a disability, the medical records present these details to the court. 

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Get Depositions From All Witnesses

Depositions from witnesses may present different perspectives on what happened. The attorney can depose all eyewitnesses that saw the bus accident. They collect information from the witnesses and determine how many witnesses are available to substantiate the victim’s claim. The dependent’s attorney has the right to depose all the eyewitnesses, too, and they both have access to the details. 

Review the Accident Report

The accident report provides information about the accident that all parties need. Each party that was involved in the accident is required to get a copy of the accident report and submit it to their insurance carrier. In this case, the accident report may provide some details that show that the bus driver was responsible for the accident. When gathering evidence for the claimant, the accident report is important. 

Review Traffic Camera Footage

Traffic camera footage may be available where the accident happened, and the attorney can request access to the footage. If the traffic cameras captured any details of the accident, it’s important that the attorney review the footage and see if they can use it to support the legal claim. 

If the bus accident happened in a high-traffic area, the footage may show the entire accident, and the video footage could show exactly what happened. Under the circumstances, the footage could be a key piece of evidence to show that the bus driver was responsible for the accident. It could prove that the victim didn’t cause the accident or commit any moving violations. 

Bus accidents can happen at any time, and the series of events leading up to the accident determine who was at fault. In these cases, the bus company or public transportation authority will take steps to dismiss the legal claim or force the victims to accept a low settlement offer. An attorney can help the victims avoid accepting low offers and have a chance to present their claim in court. 

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