How Debris In A Construction Site can Cause Accidents. What You Can Do

December 9, 2022

Debris can be defined as the by-product that is obtained when something is broken or destroyed at a construction site.

According to the sanitation department of New York City, around thirteen thousand tons of debris are produced on a regular basis. However, this debris, unfortunately, leads to some negative consequences that are life-threatening too. The debris can put the safety and lives of people at risk, especially the workers. For example, a falling piece of debris can injure a worker or any common man passing by. In big cities like New York City, some of the debris leftovers are hazardous for the workers’ health as they can come in contact with toxic chemicals by inhaling or touching these substances. Several workers have been injured and suffered trauma, fractures, loss of vision, and internal bleeding. Unfortunately, some of them even lost their lives due to debris accidents in New York City. If you have ever been a victim of an injury due to falling and flying debris at construction sites in NYC, then you must contact an experienced lawyer who will guide you and help you receive some compensation. Below are some things you must do to prevent and treat injuries that occur due to debris.

Wear Safety Equipment

The first and most important preventive measure is to wear safety equipment. Unfortunately, workers sometimes don’t pay attention to how vital safety equipment is and how it can save them from severe injuries. For example, the hard hats are essential for keeping the workers safe from head injuries that might occur due to falling debris.

Inform Those Who are at Risk

When you begin with work that involves falling and dripping debris, it is important to inform all individuals who might be at risk, such as those working on the lower floors or walking through that area for any reason.

Use Debris Nets

One of the safest methods is to spread debris nets everywhere. It is a simple yet very effective method to avoid injuries and accidents.

Place Tools and Other Resources in a Safe Place

It is usually observed that workers leave their tools and other supplies here and there without paying attention to the surroundings and the potential risks of the tools falling or being kicked off by someone else accidentally. Therefore, to avoid such accidents, the tools and other stuff must be kept in safe places during and even after use.

Seal Openings with Barricades

All openings, whether big or small, must be appropriately sealed using barricades. This will help prevent debris’ from slipping and falling through these openings. By following the measures mentioned above, one can make the construction site a safe place to work and save a lot of lives. However, if an accident occurs, immediately dial 911 if the victim is bleeding, unconscious, unable to breathe normally, or seems to have broken any of his bones. Till the tie help arrives, try to provide first aid to stop bleeding and save the victim from further injury. For this, you can check their pulse, and in case the heartbeat isn’t present, provide CPR. Help them lie down straight in a comfortable place. To stop bleeding, gently press a bandage or clean cloth on the wound. Try to keep the person awake and conscious by engaging them in conversation and assuring them that help is arriving soon. Also, avoid giving them something to eat or drink when injured, as it can sometimes make the condition worse. As we say, prevention is always better than cure. Hence, it is always better to follow all preventive measures than to provide first aid after the accident.

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