Hidden In Plain Sight: 6 Common NYC Construction Site Hazards

June 4, 2021

New York City hosts a  beautiful skyline full of new construction — which unfortunately translates to a higher risk of construction site hazards, statistically speaking.

 With construction jobs claiming their title as one of the most dangerous professions nationwide, electrocutions, falls, and equipment mishaps are bound to occur. According to recent studies, 27% of work-related deaths in NYC involve construction workers–though construction workers only make up only 5% of New York City’s total workforce. 

Fortunately, NYC construction accident lawyers are there for you when you need them. Besides helping victims recover losses, legal representatives can assume responsibility for time-consuming paperwork—allowing victims to focus on their recovery. 

For those construction workers hoping to avert a crisis and steer clear of lengthy lawsuits, keep the following NYC construction site hazards on your radar. That way, you can take your fate into your own hands and prevent disaster from striking. 

Six common NYC construction site hazards 

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A variety of factors put NYC’s construction workers at risk, including but not limited to safety violations and employee shortages. To reduce the fatality risk, keep your eyes peeled for the following hazards. 

Short-term employment contracts

New employees mean new rules and regulations. Since many construction workers sign short-term contracts, they do not always receive proper training or fully understand the safety protocols. This factor increases the likelihood of a potential accident. 

Violations of requirements and standards 

Training requirements, fall protection standards, scaffold, ladder/stairway safety standards are all commonly violated, leading to accidents. 

Accelerated schedules

With so much competition, there are strict timelines to get construction projects done. This intensifying pressure dulls construction workers’ problem-solving skills and shields their eye for detail. Generally speaking, as stress levels surge, an employee’s error rate follows a similar trajectory. 

Shortage of necessary skills

Construction workers employed are offered short-term contracts, are overworked, and sometimes less qualified. With less-than-qualified workers on the job, safety guidelines will often take a backseat. 

Unsafe equipment 

Unsafe equipment leads to many reported accidents. For example, a scaffold may crumble under a construction worker’s feet. A crane arm may even strike an unsuspecting employee, leaving catastrophic injuries in its wake. 

Lack of Protection 

Lack of protection leads to many reported accidents on construction sites. For instance, without protective glasses, full-face shields, or hearing protection, a construction worker may fall victim to a long-term physical disability, i.e., permanent hearing loss, eye damage, or even chemical burns. 

You’ve been hurt on a construction site, now what?

If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you’ve sustained injuries on a construction site in NYC, it is crucial to hire a qualified construction accident lawyer. Without their support, the damages awarded may pale in comparison to your initial expectations. 

Why it’s essential to hire a construction accident lawyer

Hiring a specialized attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. Compensation covers medical expenses, lost wages, disability and funeral expenses, and rehabilitation costs. If a third party was negligent, causing this accident, your attorney helps you get more than the bare minimum.  

Attorney’s help navigate your complicated case

Suppose your case is complicated and requires investigation. A knowledgeable lawyer can serve as an advocate on your behalf. They dig into the situation to find out what happened and identify who is at fault. Additionally, these legal representatives work with medical providers to evaluate the extent of your injuries. 

NYC Construction Accident Lawyers Have Years of Experience

The years of experience assisting with extensive cases with insurance and health care providers. Your attorney will know what questions to ask to present your case effectively.  

Increase your chance of more substantial compensation

Your chance of a larger compensation package increases when you work with a licensed NYC construction accident lawyer. With a legal expert at your side, he or she can uncover other sources of compensation that would have fallen under your radar. 

When do you hire an NYC construction accident lawyer?

You should contact a construction accident lawyer if you have experienced burns, electric shocks, fractures, broken bones, spine, brain, or neck injuries, blindness, hearing loss, or wrongful death. NYC Construction accident lawyers have the skills and experience you can trust. Contact a professional to assist you today.  


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