Health Benefits Of Hemp For Pets

September 17, 2019

As a pet owner, you will undoubtedly be looking for the best way to take care of your pet. As with medicine for humans, new discoveries are being made with respect to how various substances can help promote good health in animals, too. Hemp has been shown to have various health benefits when administered to pets.

Here are just a few of the ways hemp can help.

It Can Help to Improve Mobility and Treat Joint Pain

As your pet moves into its later years, its mobility is inevitably going to be reduced and, in more severe cases, your pet may be suffering from severe joint pain. Particularly within dogs, this condition can manifest in later years. Hemp is a great solution for treating joint pain, and can also help to build strong bones and enhance flexibility and decrease stiffness. You can incorporate hemp into your dog’s diet by mixing with food or purchasing hemp dog treats.

It Can Be Used to Target Anxiety

Being a pet owner comes with the possibility that your animal may suffer with anxiety, usually triggered by outside causes such as loud noises, fireworks and thunderstorms. Your pet may also have anxiety due to separation, other pets or the impending trip to the vets. Whatever the cause for your pet’s anxiety, it can be safely treated using hemp oil. This natural solution, containing Omega 3 and 9, will soothe anxiety and help to reduce stress in your pet.

It Can Reduce and Prevent Inflammation

Inflammation can cause trouble for any pet, and often has a snowball effect causing other pain and ailments within the body. Hemp can work to re-balance the immune system and stop overwhelming inflammation, meaning your pet is free to move without pain and without the risk of inflammation exacerbating. Hemp works to do this without compromising the immune system, meaning your pet is still able to fight off any infections.

It Can Improve and Support Digestive Health

A functioning digestive system is crucial for a healthy pet, and hemp can help with that. Digestive tract problems can arise in any pet, and there will always be risk of other problems such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The chlorophyll in hemp means it can be used to treat stomach problems in pets and also help to balance a good digestion. A good dose of hemp oil can also assist with preventing any future digestive problems.

It Can Help Promote a Good Appetite

There are many reasons a pet’s appetite can change, and getting older is one of the main reasons for this change. Unfortunately, alterations in appetite may also mean unhealthy changes in weight, such as significant weight loss, malnourishment and the risk that your pet isn’t eating the amount of food that they should be. Hemp can be used to actually increase appetite in your pet, ensuring that they want to eat as much as they should be. Furthermore, hemp can assist with feelings of nausea, whether through illness or a side-effect of certain medication.

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