Harlem’s Osborne Association Receives Significant Corporate Donation From AT&T

There has been a disproportionate impact that the pandemic has had on incarcerated individuals.

This has occurred as well as one organization’s work to ensure that families can stay connected during an extraordinarily difficult time when they are unable to see each other in-person.

Prior to the pandemic, the Osborne Association – a New York nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that individuals can lead successful, productive lives after leaving the criminal justice system – would facilitate in-person visits between families and incarcerated family members.

When the pandemic struck and in-person visits were put on hold, Osborne shifted resources to invest in and expand their video conferencing program, thanks in part to a $70,000 donation from AT&T.

One family that has benefitted is Shaquinn and her son, Caine, who when they were able to, would Caine’s father, Joel, twice a month at a facility 350 miles away from the City.

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Now, they and Caine’s grandmother rely on Osborne’s video visiting the office in Harlem, which is their only lifeline to continue to see Joel and help maintain the close bond that Caine shares with his father.

Photo credit: AT&T and Osborne Association.

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