Harlem’s Casa Frela Has Your Harlem Honey

By Lawrence Rodriquez

Our bees forage in Central Park, Marcus Garvey (Mount Morris) Park and in the Central Harlem area. The color and flavor of honey varies from hive to hive and season-to-season based on the type of flower nectar collected by the bees.

Our bees collect nectar in the spring from maple and linden trees. In the fall, the bees have a thirst for goldenrod and Japanese knotweed.

Read the Harlem Honey article written earlier in the year by Harlem World Magazine here.

Casa Frela Garden & Apiary is a great place for the bees due to it’s proximity to Central and Marcus Garvey Parks, as well as the large number of street trees in the Harlem area. The bees get most of their nectar in the spring from the flowering trees, which leads to a two good Harlem honey harvests, the first in July and the second in September. The garden’s bees are a dynamic addition to the local ecosystem as they help flowers in the area flourish.

The Marcus Garvey Park Farmers Market is organized by the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance with a primary goal to offer fresh food options and artisanal products made in Harlem. New vendors are being added weekly with Harlem made and Artisanal products. You can find us on the extended sidewalk area along the perimeter of Marcus Garvey Park near the corner of Mount Morris Park West (Fifth Avenue) and 124th Street each Saturday until November 30th, 2017 from 10am to 4pm EST.

Casa Frela Gallery, 47 West 119th Street, New York, New York, (212) 722-8577, www.casafrela.com

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