Harlem Employment Rates Continue To Rise

January 8, 2020

Following a comprehensive study of employment trends in New York State, it’s clear that employment rates in Harlem and East Harlem are on an upward trajectory. Data spanning 10 years has been examined to determine how employment is changing across the state. With employment rates increasing by 33% in East Harlem alone, it’s clear that residents are benefiting from the influx of new opportunities.

While much of the increase is attributable to expansions in the educational and healthcare sectors, there have been other changes too. Many new businesses are launching in Harlem and East Harlem, which has contributed to the growing number of job opportunities.

New Businesses Bring New Opportunities

When new companies launch, they typically account for an increase in employment rates. With new businesses increasing by 37% in East Harlem over a 10-year period, increased employment has followed. While the job opportunities are, of course, dependent on the type of businesses that launch, there are commonalities between some of the newly created positions.

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Regardless of sector, new businesses typically require a mix of employees. When a significant number of businesses are opening in any location, there are particular job opportunities that are likely to follow. These include:

·         Marketing and Advertising

All businesses require on-going marketing and advertising services, but newly launched enterprises place a heavy emphasis on marketing and branding. When bricks and mortar businesses open, for example, they focus on community outreach to gain support from the local market.

For jobseekers who want to follow this career path, the creation of new businesses brings plenty of opportunities. Brand creation is in particularly high demand by new companies, so experienced brand developers will benefit from increased job openings.

While the initial opening of a business sees a flurry of marketing activity, the on-going needs of the company or organization ensure long-term employment opportunities for professionals. In order to succeed commercially, businesses across all sectors require effective marketing and advertising.

Furthermore, the benefits associated with both online and offline marketing mean there are varied opportunities for experienced professionals with diverse specialties. From SEO experts and PPC campaign managers to graphic designers and placement specialists; the marketing needs of new businesses gives rise to a range of exciting prospects. Roles in the marketing and advertising industry include:

  • Campaign Manager
  • Strategist
  • SEO Manager
  • PPC Supervisor
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Social Media Executive
  • Copywriter

Although current marketers and advertisers will benefit from the flurry of business openings, people who are considering a new career path may see the advantages of achieving certification in these areas. Studying for a marketing degree or undertaking a professional diploma can give applicants the edge in a competitive industry, for example. With enhanced expertise, individuals can ensure they’re well placed to secure the best job opportunities.

·         Operations Management

With various specialties, operations management offers numerous different career paths. Traditionally, healthcare operations management has been one of the most popular career options in Harlem and the surrounding areas. As a consistently strong employer, the healthcare sector accounts for a significant number of job opportunities in the neighborhood.

While Harlem still offers numerous openings for those interesting in healthcare operations management, other industries are growing too. Studying an operations management degree online will give you the flexibility to enter a thriving industry, both in Harlem and elsewhere in the United States. Furthermore, the range of specialties lets you hone your existing skills and use sector-specific knowledge to enhance your employability.

As an operations management specialist, you’ll be responsible for maximizing efficiency and enhancing productivity. From supply chain management to enterprise information system models; there are various areas to consider. Roles in operations management include:

  • Operations Analyst
  • Purchase Manager
  • Supply Chain Supervisor
  • Inventory Controller
  • Programmer Analyst

When companies operate efficiently, they are more profitable. For any organization, increasing turnover and profits via higher rates of efficiency is advantageous. With specialties in the financial sector, retail industry and leisure trade, there are plenty of ways to diversify.

Building and Construction

When new businesses open, they require premises. Whether it’s a single office or an entire block, new commercial units need to be prepared. While contractors and builders will benefit from the construction of new structures, there is plenty of scope for refurbishments too.

Plumbers, electricians, designers, decorators, and shopfitters all see an increase in demand when new businesses open. From warehouses and workshops to stores and office suites; companies continually require tradespeople to undertake work on their behalf.

Current job opportunities in the construction industry include:

  • Design Engineer
  • Surveyor
  • Project Manager
  • Architect
  • Safety Director
  • Plumbing Supervisor
  • General Laborer
  • Certified Electrician

As regulations regarding this type of work increase, certified tradespeople can benefit from increased work opportunities. According to current legislation, only tradespeople with specific certifications can carry out the majority of electrical work, for example. This prevents homeowners or business owners from undertaking their own refurbishments and upgrades. As a result, certified electricians are in higher demand and more job openings are created.

For anyone entering a trade, these changes are indicative of a growing market and a rewarding career path. Obtaining certification and retaining qualifications are critical to success but, providing you meet the relevant requirements, you will enjoy the boom associated with a thriving commercial sector.

Unemployment Continues to Fall in NYC

Since 2012, unemployment has been on a steady decline across New York City. Dropping from over 9% to the recent rate of 4%, unemployment is continuing to fall. The healthcare industry and the education sector continue to offer the biggest growth in terms of employment rates, but other industries are expanding too.

While employment figures across New York City have been impressive, statistics show that the growth in employment in Harlem exceeds the city average. For local residents, this signifies the evolution of the area and the growth of new businesses.

For people living and working in Harlem, the increased job opportunities represent a long-overdue commitment to the area. As new businesses focus their growth plans in Harlem, the area is fast becoming one of the most economically interesting regions. Despite being associated with relatively high unemployment just a decade ago, today’s statistics paint a very different picture.

As employment and businesses continue to grow in Harlem, facilities, amenities, and tourism grow too. Fueling a positive cycle of increased income, economy, and regeneration, Harlem’s residents can look forward to a more prosperous future.

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