Fuze Bug Reviews – Top Trending FuzeBug Mosquito Zapper Worth The Hype?

May 27, 2021

Too many mosquitoes in your house? Try Fuze Bug. This is a new device that has been designed to get rid of mosquitoes safely.

It’s not some chemical spray or a typical incense coil. In fact, this device makes use of light and electricity to kill bugs in a ZAP! The fast-working device covers a large area, enabling you to clean up the area of insects immediately.

The best part is that this device is not harmful at all. Fuze Bug can be used even in the presence of children and pet animals. It is not as it is in the case of chemical sprays for which you have to clear a room of people so that they don’t have an allergic reaction to the toxins.

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Furthermore, Fuze Bug mosquito killer has other good qualities as well such as portability and changeability. Interested in purchasing this device? You can get to know more about this zapper by diving into the Fuze Bug review below.

Fuze Bug Review

Sure, mosquitoes are great for plant life as they make nutrients, pollinate, and even filter waste. They balance the ecosystem, as they are food for other beings. However, there’s no denying that mosquitoes themselves are a sign of uncleanliness. Not only do these insects, which sit on different things including the toilet seat, transmit germs from one place to another, but they also carry diseases.

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Did you know that one in 40 children dies every day because of malaria? What’s more, 40% of the population of the world is susceptible to getting malaria. Other than malaria, the yellow fever, dengue and zika virus are some diseases that mosquitoes can cause. You definitely don’t want a mosquito constantly biting you or dropping into your drinks!

Unfortunately, it seems as though there is no perfect way to get rid of mosquitoes. Chemical sprays are tough on breathing, and they are also toxic. Essential oils are only effective for so long. Whereas, sealing all the gaps in your home so that mosquitoes don’t even find a way inside is almost impossible. There is also the option of using incense coils but those can be suffocating for some people in closed spaces.

However, the safest and the best way to get rid of bugs is by using a device such as Fuze Bug. This is a mosquito killer that uses light to first attract the mosquitoes toward itself and then it uses its electric coil to kill the mosquitoes in an instant. This device is as convenient to use as it is safe. It allows you to get rid of the bugs in the room so that you can get free of itching and buzzing and rest or work properly.

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How Does Fuze Bug Zapper Work?

Fuze Bug, as mentioned, is a device that uses power to get rid of bugs. While this is primarily a mosquito killer, it can also get rid of other insects in the surrounding area. The device uses a light of 1000v and covers an area of 375 square feet. It makes use of purple light which is very effective in attracting mosquitoes toward itself.

Even the regular yellow or white light at your home attracts bugs toward itself, doesn’t it? You must have noticed how insects tend to swarm toward light sources. Purple LED light is extra effective. Even if you place this device at the corner of the room, mosquitoes from different areas will go toward it. Note that Fuze Bug doesn’t make use of UV light which is harmful for health.

It is advised that if you want to empty a room of mosquitoes, place this device in it 2 hours prior to going inside the room. Best if the room is dark other than this device’s light. Moving on, Fuze Bug is not like any other sprays or methods of getting rid of mosquitoes. With this device the bodies of mosquitoes do not fall on the floor or spread throughout the room. Instead, they’re collected in one place.

Getting back to the working of this product, once mosquitoes are attracted toward the light, they are trapped and killed by an electric coil. This means bugs are killed in an instant so that they have no chance to escape. The best part is that Fuze Bug doesn’t emit any harmful or unpleasant smelling fumes or particles at all.

Also check out Fuze Bug customer reviews and user testimonials. How does the Fuze Bug mosquito device really help? More info can be found here.

What Does the Fuze Bug Do Exactly?

You might be wondering if this device is difficult to use? However, it is actually very simple to use as it only involves a click and a few easy steps to get it started. Let’s give you a complete walkthrough how Fuze Bug works:

  • Charging

Fuze Bug comes all assembled. Prior to using the device, however, you just have to charge it. The battery lasts for a long time so that you can live life free of mosquitoes. The device comes with its own charger, you don’t have to buy one separately. Once it is completely charged, a green light indicates this, so that you can take it off charging.

  • Starting

Once the Fuze Bug zapper is fully charged, you have to turn on the rotary switch. The sound of a click will indicate the device has started working. Next, the device will use purple light to attract the mosquitoes toward itself and start getting rid of them immediately.

You can either place this mosquito killer on a flat surface or you can hang it in the room. One great quality of this device is that it can be used even outdoors. Incense coils and chemical sprays are ineffective outdoors which is a problem that you don’t face with Fuze Bug.

  • Settings

Note that the light this mosquito zapper uses is adjustable and gives you four options to choose from. You can set the brightness of Fuze Bug mosquito device at 0%, 20%, 50%, and 100%. At the end of the day, it depends on how much light you need depending on the light in the surrounding to get rid of the mosquitoes. Interestingly, this device can also function as a lamp or a torch.

  • Maintenance

Finally, let’s talk about the maintenance of this device. You might be worried if it will disappoint you by completely stopping functioning. This happens with a lot of devices. However, this is a high-quality mosquito killer which shouldn’t stop working like that.

That being said, you just have to follow two steps for the proper maintenance of Fuze Bug. You have to open up the tray of the device in which the dead bodies of the mosquitoes are collected. Simply empty the tray by unloading its contents in a trash can.

You can find this tray or shell which stores the carcasses of mosquitoes at the bottom of the device. Secondly, it is also recommended that you gently wipe off the dust collected on the electric coil of Fuze Bug.

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Specifications Of Fuze Bug Mosquito Zapper

There are many qualities of Fuze Bug mosquito zapper which portray it as an incredible purchase. Let’s take a look below at what makes this device one of the most reliable, effective and worthwhile mosquito killers:

  • Rechargeable

This device comes with a micro-USB charger. The best part is that you do not have to plug it into a socket to get it to work. This means that you can use it anywhere even when you do not have a socket nearby. Therefore, taking Fuze Bug zapper along with you even when you’re going out for a picnic or a trip is easy-peasy. Just make sure that the device is amply charged. The battery lasts for up to 20 hours making it workable for almost an entire day.

  • Weatherproof

When it comes to appliances, there’s always the worry that they will not work well when they are used in harsh weather conditions. You might be worried about what happens if the Fuze Bug device doesn’t do its job well when you take it out in the intense heat or when you take it out when it’s raining. Even though there are most mosquitoes found after or during when it pours. Luckily, Fuze Bug is weather-resistant and waterproof. This means whether it is sunny, cloudy, or raining, this device will help you get rid of mosquitoes.

  • Portable

As mentioned above, this device functions on a battery. This battery is 2000 mAh. Furthermore, Fuze Bug is also compact and lightweight. This makes it convenient to carry. Therefore, by charging this device fully you can easily take it around anywhere. The portable nature of this device means that the same product can be used in different rooms or different places. However, you can always purchase more of these devices so that you are able to get rid of mosquitoes in different parts of your house.

  • Convenient

You don’t have to spray the room or even light up a coil. You simply have to charge this device and that is all. Other than that, you have no other efforts that you need to put to get rid of mosquitoes. Even cleaning this device makes it super easy to get rid of mosquito carcasses. It is also low maintenance and using this product is also very convenient. This means that even those who have no experience with using any tech at all can make use of Fuze Bug easily.

  • Durable

Another concern that accompanies the purchase of such devices is what if it falls off mistakenly and breaks. This would mean that your money would go to waste as you wouldn’t be able to use the device for longer. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this when you go for Fuze Bug. This is not some delicate device, in fact, it is built in such a way that it lasts. The device is durable as it comes with a soft protective covering that is shatter-resistant.

Where to Buy Fuze Bug? Current Price and Discount Deals

In case you have decided to purchase this product, know that it is currently available for a huge discount which means that you need to make your move fast. A discount as big as 70% is being offered in a deal in which you get five units of Fuze Bug. Take a look at the pricing of Fuze Bug below:

  • A single Fuze Bug repellent lamp is available for $37.99.
  • In a deal of two of these devices, each comes for $37.99.
  • In a deal of three of these devices, each comes for $35.99.
  • In a deal of four of these devices, each is available for $33.99.
  • And in a deal of five of these devices, each is available for $31.99.

If you want to purchase this device, you can only do so from its official website – getfuzebug.com. This is because the product is not currently available at any other website or in any physical store. You can purchase just a single unit of Fuze Bug in case you want to first try it out and then purchase additional units. However, if you purchase one of the bulk deals, you will be able to save a bigger amount of money.

After selecting your deal on the website, you can enter your details and make your payment through either your credit card or PayPal. Once that is done, your order will be shipped within 48 hours after confirmation. Within 5 to 7 business days, you will receive your order at your doorstep. In case you want to track the delivery of the product, you can do so as you will be given a link with the confirmation email that you will receive.

After purchasing Fuze Bug, in case it doesn’t satisfy you, you always have the option to return it. This means that even if you purchase a bigger deal, you don’t have to worry about your investment. Accordingly, you can return the product within 30 days. This is the money-back guarantee that comes with this product’s purchase.

The money-back guarantee shows that the company behind Fuze Bug is 100% sure that the product will be a satisfactory one. Other than this, you can also purchase an additional warranty that will go on for three years. This guarantee is available for $21.60.


Fuze Bug Reviews & Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are other people saying about Fuze Bug?

As per the official website, Fuze Bug has a high rating of 4.6 stars out of five, indicating that people are satisfied with their purchase. More than 32,000 people have given this product to try, and so, you can as well without any hesitation. In fact, you can also read customer reviews that have been shown on the Fuze Bug website. These reviews are proof that the device works efficiently.

  • What do you receive along with the main product?

When you purchase Fuze Bug mosquito zapper, you also receive its type C micro-USB charging cable. Other than this, a brush also accompanies through which you can easily clean the electric coil of the device to wipe the dust off it.

  • Why do you need to buy Fuze Bug?

Fuze Bug is a mosquito killer that is definitely worth investing in if you are fed up with the buzzing and biting of mosquitoes around you. The device is good for your health since it allows you to sleep and work in peace without mosquitoes constantly annoying you. Moreover, it also helps your health by preventing diseases that mosquitoes may cause.

  • Is this device harmful in any way?

The good news is that FuzeBug claims to be completely harmless since it doesn’t use any toxins or emit any smell. In fact, it is so safe that it can even be kept in your children’s room or in the yard where your pets sleep.

  • How can you start the refund process?

To start the refund process, you can get in touch with the customer support team. In case you have any questions, queries, or want to start the refund process, you can contact the customer support team via email or phone: +1 (866) 466 -2390 or support@fuzebug.com.

Fuze Bug Reviews – Wrapping Up

Fuze Bug is a compact and lightweight mosquito killer that uses electricity. It first attracts mosquitoes toward itself using purple LED light and then traps them in its coil, killing them in a ZAP by using electricity. The device is waterproof and weather resistant which means you can use it even outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

Thanks to the feature of Fuze Bug being chargeable, you can rely on this product to be completely portable. Just make sure that it is fully charged. Since the charging lasts for at least 20 hours, you can use it for as long as you want. Fuze Bug is also backed by a money-back guarantee and positive reviews shown on the official website which means that you can buy it without any hesitation. In case you want to find out more about it, you can read other reviews or check out the website of Fuze Bug.

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