‘Food Grails’, New York City’s Beef Patties Is No Miss With Harlem Fave Miss Info (Video)

There is nothing like a Jamaican beef patty in Harlem, cause the Jamaican beef patty is nothing new to true New Yorkers. Now sold in bodegas and advertised on hotdog carts, the patties have become a NYC staple that speaks to the rich Caribbean community in the Bronx and Flatbush.

Watch Episode 2 of ‘Food Grails’ as Miss Info uncovers the many layers of this NYC delicacy in exclusive interviews with hip-hop DJ Clark Kent, reggae artist Kranium, food scholar Jessica B. Harris, New York Times reporter Michael Cooper and more!

Check it out Why the Jamaican Beef Patty is NYC Icon Food Grails below:

‘Food Grails’ Airing bi-weekly on Complex Networks’ First We FeastFood Grails explores the convergence of pop-culture, race and class and how these forces shape a city’s culinary identity. Inspired by Hometown Hero: The Legend of New York’s Chopped Cheese, the series examines food through a contemporary lens, highlighting fresh and relevant subjects and even restarting conversations around foods with deep roots. Episodes feature regional favorites in Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C. and more, and include exclusive interviews with native celebrities, influencers and food scholars. 

Photo credit: David Cabrera.

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