Enjoy A Summer Strawberries And Coconut Cream Protein Smoothie That Protein Style!

Bye-bye dairy, so long sweeteners, cheerio flavorings and hello deliciously pure that protein vegan plant-based super proteins.

Our mission is to bring you a new kind of vegan plant-based protein powder… Super Proteins… where the delicious taste comes not from chemical flavorings or sweeteners but purely from nature in the form of delicious plant-based ingredients like rich cacao, zesty baobab and peanuts. We have created the best vegan plant protein blends with all-natural taste.

Super Proteins where the pure plant-based proteins are nutritionally boosted by nutrient-dense superfoods.


Super Proteins where every single ingredient in every single pack has a proven health benefit… from helping you build muscle, maintain and repair muscles to helping you:

  • reduce tiredness.
  • support your immune system.
  • balance hormones.
  • Maintain healthy bones and more.
  • follow a low FODMAP diet

Super Vegan Plant Proteins that you will choose, again and again, made by us with a commitment to purity, quality and always being different.

Our Super Vegan Plant Proteins are created close to where CS Lewis created the magical world of Narnia and we hope a little of his magical thinking has rubbed off on us as we draw upon our imagination to create these special one-of-a-kind Super Proteins.

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