Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

October 14, 2020

Among the terms often referred to when explaining the body’s functionalities has to be metabolism.

More often than not, it’s a term that’s thrown around quite a lot, but not so many people know what metabolism is or how important metabolism is to the human body.

In layman’s terms, metabolism can be defined as the body processes that help to support life. Various factors can affect your metabolism, including your age, diet, medication, genetic makeup, and your daily activities. There are people with a higher metabolism, and in this case, such people will burn more calories compared to those with a slower metabolism.

If you are looking to shed off some extra pounds, you must work on your metabolism first. You need to know whether you are classified under individuals with a fast or a slow metabolism as this can have an impact on your fitness goals. Are there known ways to take your metabolism a notch higher? Below are easy ways on how to speed up your metabolism.

Drink More Green Tea

If you are a tea person, then you might interest yourself in knowing that green tea can help boost your metabolism. Green tea contains vital chemicals known as catechins. These fall under the most effective antioxidants. Catechins work by stimulating the fat cells to release more fat for the production of energy. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your green tea, the guys at MatchaOutlet.com suggest that you must invest in quality green tea. You’ll also need to ensure that you know how to prepare it. Luckily, some tea outlets like Starbucks can provide you with a refreshing ready-made cup of green tea at your convenience. Among the other awesome benefits of green tea include:

  • Like coffee, green tea is a natural stimulant
  • Green tea is effective in protecting your healthy cells from cancer cells
  • It’s a great weight loss ingredient
  • It can help to balance your cholesterol ratio
  • Green tea helps to improve oral health
  • The antioxidants in green tea have been found to boost the immune system

Start Your Day With A Positive Mindset

You have no reason to wake up with a gloomy face. This can impact your day’s choices and advertently, affect your metabolism. Wearing a big smile as soon as you wake up will mean a productive day filled with positive results. You’ll make all the right choices, including putting on clothes that are comfortable enough to allow ease of movement. Your flexibility, active mentality, and a positive mindset will help to take your metabolism a notch higher. In a nutshell, get moving while it’s still early! 

Cheat With Drinking Lots Of Water

To help your cells perform at optimum levels, you’ll need to do more than lift heavy dumbbells. Ensure that your body cells are hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Doctors recommend about 8 glasses of water each day. You might, if able, consider low-calorie and low-sugar beverages as substitutes for water. To have your system performing at its best, you’ll want to ensure that all your organs are well hydrated. This is among the ways you can boost your metabolism.

Get Enough Sleep

If you are worried about spending too much time in bed, don’t! It’s more beneficial than you might think. So, how are your sleeping habits connected with your metabolism? You might ask. Let’s start the conversation by discussing the effects of sleep deprivation, okay? Here’s what. Sleep deprivation causes a spike in your ghrelin hormones and a decrease in your leptin hormones. These are the hormones that regulate your appetite. And you know what it means when you have a huge appetite? You eat a lot, and your metabolism is lowered as a result. 

To help balance these hormones, you just have to get enough sleep. And by enough sleep, it means the recommended 8 hours of sleep. To help you sleep better at night, ensure that your bedroom temperatures are regulated, minimize flares from your gadgets, and the noise levels from your electronics.

Invest In The Right Diet

It’s time you considered eating smart if you are to boost your metabolism. Some foods have been found to have properties that boost metabolism. While in the same vein, eating smart means reducing your calorie intake and upping your protein intake. You’ll however need to take your proteins in moderation accompanied with workout routines to help burn the extra calories. Among the other ways you can boost your metabolism through food include:

  • Eat at regular intervals but in small sizes
  • Go for spicy foods
  • Eat vitamin D-rich foods

The above are easy ways you can boost your metabolism. But while at it, you’ll need to be cautious, especially if you have underlying medical conditions. Ensure to involve your doctor before taking things a notch higher.

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