Chemical-Free Lotions For Glossy Skin From Harlem To Hollywood

July 7, 2021

Consumer products companies want to convince us that we need to buy their formulations to get the skin that we want.

But when you start exploring natural alternatives, you see that this isn’t true. In fact, nature already provided all the ingredients you need to keep your skin looking and feeling supple. 

Coconut Oil

In recent years, coconut oil has become a ubiquitous skincare ingredient. This saturated plant fat has almost magical properties and has been used in ancient medicine throughout history.

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The reason it works so well is that it has a barrier function. When you apply the oil, it helps to keep moisture locked in the skin, a little like how the red wax that surrounds Edam cheese works. Moisture stays close to the skin, making it more supple and hydrated. 


Many people like to apply aloe because of its high concentrations of vitamins. Many of these, such as C, E and B12 help to reduce the damage done by free radicals, making it a great option for anyone planning on spending time outdoors in the sun.

Shea Butter

Shea butter isn’t an artificial product. Instead, like coconut oil, it comes from a plant. The butter is great because it’s high in triglycerides which helps to prevent moisture loss from the skin. 

Research also shows that it is an excellent anti-inflammatory. In other words, it helps to reduce skin redness and blushing which can affect some people. 

Avocado Oil

Some people put raw avocado directly on their skin. But you can get many of the same benefits from avocado oil, without the same amount of mess.

Avocado oil is a nourishing treatment because it encourages collagen synthesis. Using it more often can help to make skin appear bouncier and more vibrant. You can also apply it more easily following permanent hair removal, allowing it to seep into all your pores. 

Almond Oil

Almonds are famous for being high in fat-soluble vitamin E – one of the staples of skincare. But their oil is also beneficial for reducing the appearance of stretch marks, thanks to the phytonutrients they contain. Almond oil reduces the damage done by photo-aging and can be a great way to moisturize in the summer when your exposure to sunlight is much higher.

Rose Water

The rose plant has long been associated with skincare. But why? It turns out that this famous plant contains compounds that double up beautifully as toners. Many women, therefore, use it as mist on their skin throughout the day. It turns out that something as simple as a mist can keep skin moisturized.

Olive Oil

If you’re looking for an inexpensive skincare option, you might want to try using some olive oil. Like almond oil, it contains large concentrations of vitamin E which can support the health of the skin. It can also reduce oxidative stress when applied topically, protecting the skin from sunlight and general pollution in the environment. It’s a must for anyone who regularly walks along polluted streets. 

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