Bubbler Pipe Guide: What It Is And How It Works

January 23, 2021

For most users who have found solace and entertainment in getting high, convenience and the speed at which you can quench your thirst and hunger for a stoners session is what makes excellent hemp equipment. 

While people know of bongs, vaporizers, water pipes, etc., some don’t have an idea of the convenience a bubble pipe brings to your pot party. It makes smoking pot a lot easier and faster. So what is bubbler pipe, and how do you use it? Please read on, and you’ll find out.

What’s a Bubbler Pipe?

A bubbler pipe is like a hybrid of the bong and a bowl used in smoking dry herbs and usually comes in a single-piece design. It’s essentially a water pipe and more or less resembles a mini bongIts main chamber beneath the bowl pack is filled with water and has the same built-in bowl and rush hole design as a hand pipe. Bubbler pipes come in different types including sidecar bubbler, double bubbler, glass bubbler pipe, mini bubbler, and many more. Some have longer necks, percolators installed, and intricate designs. Because of its size and ease of usage, it makes smoking cannabis quicker and with no fuss.

How Do You Use a Bubbler Pipe?

Bubbler pipes don’t need the finesse of a skilled smoker or the strategic mind of a genius. You can use it similar to how your grandfather’s smoking pipe, just much cleaner with the use of a water filtration system and glycerin coil. Here’s the step by step process of how you can set up quicker and smoke instantly using a bubbler pipe.

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1. Fill It With Water

Using the mouthpiece as an entryway, fill the bubbler pipe with just enough water that it sounds about right when you inhale into it. If it does not make bubbles or you can’t hear it bubbling, that means you’ve put in too much water. And if the bubbles sound too aggressive and not calming, then the water level’s not there yet. Allow yourself some time to learn the right water level. Don’t worry in time; you’ll get the hang of it.

Take note of some things while you’re poring in water to your bubbler pipe. Don’s use the bowl pack to fill in water as it will wet your herbs. And don’t ever make an experiment of cramming the bowl first before filling in the chamber with water. It will make quite a mess and might ruin your mood before you can even take the first hit from your pipe.

2. Pack Your Bowl

Do this on a flat surface, so you don’t spill the water inside the chamber and wet the bowl pack and your herbs. Packing the bowl does not require skill, but you have to put just enough so that all the weeds have some air to breathe, and they burn at a regular rate. Cramming them in too tight will restrict airflow, and it would be hard to light and have a steady burn. However, when they are put too loosely, the herbs may just burn in flames, and you’ll be out of them in seconds.

3. Light it and Start Smoking

Light your herbs inside the bowl with your finger on the rush hole to create a vacuum and make it easier to get a good suction and produce a smoke much faster. Don’t forget to inhale into the pipe every once in a while to help the fire catch on to the rest of the herbs inside the bowl. For a more satisfying smoke, use the “cornering the bowl” technique that most experienced Stoners use. This slows the burning of the herbs and enables you to have a more extended session.

4. Take One Hit and Pass

Now that you’ve got the fire burning, you can take your finger off the rush hole once you’ve inhaled enough. Pass it on to the next one in line and sit back, relax and enjoy your ride to fleeting happiness. 

5. When Done, Clean Your Bubbler Pipe

Cleaning the bubbler pipe will only take a few minutes. First, take off all the contents of the bowl. Then throw all the excess water inside the chamber. Clean it with a solution and water. Ensure that you have dumped all the remaining water inside to prevent any bacteria and mold from building up.

There you go. You’ve got your satisfying pit session done and done. Bubbler pipes are convenient and easy to use. Just remember these simple steps on using it properly, and you’ll have the best time of your life.

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