Allergy Season Set To Hit NY Hard This Spring From Harlem To Hollis

Spring 2019 is predicted to be hell for allergy sufferers – and the misery is starting soon reports Patch.

AccuWeather’s seasonal allergy forecast predicts that New York and other parts of the East Coast will be hit with a high level of allergens, worsened by a wet winter which has kept the ground moist.

“This will provide the trees and grass with ample water, leading to a high pollen season in these areas,” AccuWeather meteorologist Alan Reppert said.

A cool start to spring means the arrival of the sneezes has been delayed a little later than normal, he said. But when the pollen does arrive, it’s going to be bad.

“The pollen looks to come out quite fast and strong from April into May,” he said.

In fact, AccuWeather predicts the swath of the East Coast from the Hilton Head Island, to Harlem to Hartford will be hit worse by allergies than any other part of the country this year.

Here’s how AccuWeather suggests you can relieve symptoms:

  • Stay inside in the morning

“Pollen counts are highest in the early morning, between 5 and 10 a.m.,” Robert Sporter, a doctor at ENT & Allergy Associates in New York City, told AccuWeather.

  • Keep indoor air clean

Keep windows closed, filter the air by using air conditioning.

  • Avoid certain foods

Some people with severe pollen allergies may have trouble eating raw and fresh fruit.

  • Carry an allergy relief kit

Including over-the-counter products such as antihistamines and eye drops.

Photo credit: This year’s allergy season is expected to be a bad one. (AccuWeather (used with permission)

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