All-You-Can-Eat French Fries Coming To McDonald’s

New-York-MacDonald_sWith a number of McDonald’s in and around Harlem, now McDonald’s fry lovers rejoice — the chain is trying out bottomless french fries. McDonald’s announced Tuesday it is opening a new restaurant in Missouri that will include new menu items such as all-you-can-eat french fries.

Called the “McDonald’s of the Future” the 6,500-square-foot restaurant in St. Joseph will offer customizable desserts, sandwiches and burgers, according to the St. Joseph News-Press.

“Today’s customers seek a comfortable and inviting atmosphere,” Chris Habiger, the franchisee building the McDonald’s, told St. Joseph News-Press. “So we’re committed to providing a modern look and feel to this restaurant.”

Diners also won’t have to wait by the counter to pick up their food. Once they order using one of the digital kiosks, a server will bring it to the tables.

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The restaurant is also redesigning the play place by adding interactive light board tables, tabletop video games and a digital play, St. Joseph News-Press reported.

And to top it off, a private party room will be added for parents to host gatherings. The room is being added to McDonald’s across the country.

Habiger said his company plans to hire 85 new employees in the months leading to the grand opening, St. Joseph News-Press reported.

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