A Few Things That The Rich And Famous May Never Understand

November 11, 2020

It’s often quoted that the world’s billionaires have more wealth than the rest of the world combined. 

In fact, an Oxfam report stated that the world’s 2,153 billionaires have more wealth than the 4.6 billion people who make up 60 percent of the planet’s population. Those are some pretty incredible numbers.

But being a billionaire isn’t the only qualification to make you rich. In many cases, earning six figures a year could also be considered rich. Depending on your country, earning even five figures a year can seem rich and luxurious. It’s all a matter of perspective.

But perspective is also what some rich people lack. Of course, there are lots of grounded and humble billionaires in the world, but there are also some that find it difficult to see the world from a more average perspective. Without trying to generalize all wealthy individuals in the world, it can be eye-opening to see some of the things that rich people do compare to the rest of the world. So in this post, we’re going to discuss (in a very light-hearted way!) some of the things that rich people may never understand.

Gifts aren’t guaranteed at certain ages

Rich people can often bring up children that are spoiled and often bratty. Whenever it comes to their birthday, they might get something incredibly expensive that most adults would need to save for months to buy. For example, have you ever wondered how teens can afford new cars? They’re likely not making the money themselves from a job, so it was very likely a gift from their rich parents. It’s actually common for wealthy parents to give their children a car as soon as they come of age. For the rest of us, gifts aren’t guaranteed at certain ages and birthdays aren’t always going to be full of gifts.

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Cars can cost as much as a high-end computer

If you’ve ever seen a rich friend or colleague bring out an expensive computer or laptop, it can often boggle their mind to find out that it costs as much as an entire vehicle. Second-hand cars are cheap and can often cost as much as an iPhone or other expensive piece of tech. Considering wealthy people tend to steer away from second-hand vehicles, they might find it surprising that you can buy a car for so little.

Getting on a plane is a horrible experience

Most of us in the world get on a regular plane when we go on holiday. This subjects us to long security checks and a grueling journey to the airport itself. For wealthy individuals, flying becomes a luxurious journey that they look forward to. Have you ever wondered how does private jet charter work? It’s essentially a taxi in the air where you can have all of the food and drink that you want with a completely customized service. But if they do need to take a regular plane, then it’s likely they’ll book first or business class tickets that are a completely different experience to everyone else stuffed into the back of the plane.

There’s a reason why fake designer clothes are so popular

A lot of high stakes globetrotters tend to wear designer clothing to reflect their personality and sense of style. A simple shirt or jacket could cost thousands of certain brands. This creates an air of desire for everyone else. We want to live that exorbitant lifestyle and we want to be seen as successful and wealthy people. That’s why many people purchase and wear fakes even if they’re aware of it. Wealthy people might not understand the appeal to fakes, but a lot of others will proudly wear them.

Lots of young adults need to work and study at the same time

Wealthy families will typically pay for everything when their child goes to college or school. This means the child doesn’t need to think about their finances and they might not even need to borrow money such as a student loan. Student loans are arguably one of the biggest financial pits that graduates fall into. They graduate with a huge amount of debt and spend most of their lives paying it back. Wealthy young adults likely won’t realize the impact of student debt and they won’t understand the difficulty that other students have to face. There are some incredibly hard-working young adults out there that work part-time jobs to pay for their studies while also studying.

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