A Day In The Life Of The COVID Crisis In Harlem With Photographer Seitu Oronde

Like the rest of the nation, as of this writing, Harlem for the last couple of months has been slowly but surely moving towards a lockdown because of the COVID Crisis.

Harlem photographer Seitu Oronde’s photographs have always been a masterwork of documenting Harlem’s highs and lows, but these images taken on March 25th, 2020, illustrate how the virus has affected Harlemites. Much like the Coronavirus Pandemic itself, the virus has affected the rest of the country the virus has slowed down this great community to what looks like a film moving in slow-motion.

These images from Seitu document a moment in time life in Harlem from closed stores on 125th Street to solo vendors selling masks to residents socially distancing themselves from each other to over the top love from the Bronx to a mother and child bonding on the 2 or 3 train:

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As we look at these photographs we don’t need to be told that something is in the air, you can see it in their worried unsmiling eyes, in the desolate streets and the distancing that leaves little room to be social.

Check out more of Seitu’s Seitu’s World here.

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