A Complete Guide On How To Wear A Hat & Still Look Cute During The Winter

January 19, 2021

Toque caps with cashmere, colorful beanies, different custom hats, and amazing combos can make you look gorgeous and stunning even in the winter

Winter has arrived with its harshness. The cold and dryness of the atmosphere make your skin pale and rough. Going outside in this frigid cold feels terrible. For those who live in colder regions, it becomes even more difficult as winter there becomes more severe.

When going out you feel like dressing up in very heavy & warm clothes just to stay comfortable. Now, putting on layers of clothes ruins your fashion and makes you look funny.

One particular combo most people can not pull off is with a hat. Despite having so many different types of hats, we still feel confused. Even if you are the tiniest bit confused then we have got a complete guide on how to wear a winter hat and still look amazing.

The Right Winter Wear

The first thing to do to get your fashion game back is to select the perfect wear. Multiple stores have gorgeous winter outfits.

Choosing something stylish and warm at the same time is not that difficult. There are also products at various price ranges, so you do not have to worry about getting bankrupt.

If you are going for budget winter wear, try looking for fashionable hoodies, sweaters, and jackets that can be your go-to options. However, if you are willing to go a little on the expensive side, you can select trench coats, blazers, and different types of Hats. It all comes down to your preference.

Extra Accessories

Another thing is adding more style to what you are wearing with additional accessories. Hats, scarves, cashmere are all inexpensive accessories that can be bought from any clothing store.

A good hat or cashmere that well contrasts your sweater or jacket can make you look more fashionable. Out of these accessories, hats are more popular as they have a more common use. You can use the hats even in summer, unlike a cashmere or a scarf.

Now that you have got the basics, here are 10 fashionable ways of wearing a hat in winter that will make you look very elegant

Well Contrasted Hat & Cashmere

Why have one accessory when you can look good in both? While you are buying your winter sweater or jacket, look for hats and cashmere that have a color contrast with your jacket.

For example, getting a grey hat and cashmere along with bright white trench coats can make you look stylish. Getting brighter colors such as a blue hat and cashmere with a red sweater can make you appear adorable.

A Bright Coloured Toque Hat

Toque hats are adorable themselves, and wearing a bright-colored one will make you adorable too. Most people go for white or cream-colored toque hats with their bright winter wear.

Getting a fluffy soft cashmere with the same color as the hat can make things even better.

Darker Hats

Who says you need to be brightly colored to look cute. Darker and warmer colors are getting popular as well, and many people are seen buying darker colored hats.

Navy blue, Black, Grey, Maroon can be viable choices if you are wearing a jeans jacket or coats that are also dark. If you want to wear a dark-colored hat, whether it is a beanie or a toque with a bright jacket or sweater, you can do it too.

Fluffy Hats With Ears

Hats with cute animal ears are also getting very popular. Nowadays, many people are wearing cute hats designed with bear ears, cat ears, rabbit ears. Out of these, bear hats are the best ones so far.

The best part is, you can wear these hats with almost anything. Sweaters, parkas, even dark biker jackets, all go well with a bear hat.

Hats With Formal Look

If you want to look graceful and cute even while working stressful hours in your office, hats can be of great help. Many women select white toque hats and along with the hat, wear formal uniforms such as pencil skirts and a turtleneck sweater.

If you want to go for a more feminine look, you can replace your pencil skirt with a lace skirt. A white Lace skirt topped with a bright toque hat will get the attention of everyone around you.

Fluffy Kiwi Hats

Another great and cute headwear is kiwi hats. They are very popular among women. Kiwi hats with a pompom on top of them are also very popular, and any girl can rock in a kiwi hat with a pompom.

Jacket, parka, sweater, turtleneck, you can wear this hat with anything and still look cute. Wearing a necklace on top of your jacket and sweater will make you look more exquisite.

Hats And Scarf

We have talked about the combination of hats and cashmere. Now let us talk about the combination of hats and scarves.

Scarfs, unlike cashmere, come in different designs and color combinations. So, it all depends on what you want to wear. An Envy Clothing Jacket, boots, jeans paired with a scarf and hat will make you appear graceful and elegant.

Hat With A Sporty Winter Gear

Sporty winter gear and a cute hat? You will be surprised to know that yes, they absolutely can go together. Many women who are not into those formal sweaters, jackets, and parkas, can wear sporty jackets with boots this winter.

And as for the cute factor, they can wear a hat with a pompom. Getting a hat with a darker color would suit more than a brighter one in this case, as sporty gears do not go well with white or beige colors.

Wide-Brimmed Hat

Wide-brimmed hats are also the go-to choice for women who do not want to wear toque hats or beanies as they stick tightly to the head. They want something comfortable like these wide-brimmed hats. They not only give a more comfortable feeling but also do not freeze as felts are a cold repellent.

A Wide-brimmed hat with a leather coat on top of a sweater, jeans, and a pair of boots will give you a retro and classy look.

Mink Fur Hats

Finally, the mink fur hats. The hats that took over all other hats by storm and every winter, billions of mink fur hats are sold all over the world. They are by far the most popular choice for a hat by many women.

They look comfortable and wearing them makes you feel comfortable. They not only make the person look cute but also make them appear friendly and approachable.

We have given you various combinations that will make you appear cute and adorable to anyone looking at you. People will understand that you have a high sense of fashion and appraise your choice of clothing.

Although your clothes play a major part in your fashion sense, what truly increases your cuteness factor is the hat you are wearing. The more fluffy, comfortable-looking hat you wear, the adorable you look.

But these are not all the fashion combinations we have for you. So far you have known what sort of dress will go well with your hat, what color will contrast better. But now, let us look at some specific hats that might interest you.

Hats With Ponytails

If you feel that you feel uncomfortable with hairs inside the hat, then this style of hat would be the perfect fit for you. There are plenty of hats that allow you to have a ponytail. This not only protects you from the cold outside but also lets you style your hair.

Turban Style Hats

Although turbans originated in warmer regions such as India and dates back to the ancient Mesopotamian and Babylonian time, fashion-conscious women can now wear these turbans styled hats as well. They are quite popular in western areas, and many women now wear hats designed in a turban manner.

Russian Style Hats

If you want to feel the warmth of mother Russia and also look fashionable and cute, these Russian Style Winter hats are the perfect pick for you. These sturdy hats make you look adorable, while also giving off a strong aura to you.

Feminine Berets

Berets were once worn by the elite military only. But now, they have become a symbol of fashion and many people are fond of these hats. These beret hats are not only for men, though.

They also come for females, and their designs are elegant and graceful. If you want to feel like a strong woman and look confident in your attire, then this would be the perfect choice for you.

Final Thoughts

What you wear gives an impression to others about the type of person you are. And you can also send a strong message of who you are by wearing clothes that match your personality. In this harsh winter, no matter what aura you want to send out you can do so with the list of hats and fashion combos listed in this article.

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