A Brief Guide To Improving Your Work / Life Balance

May 21, 2024

By Bretton Love

It is fair to say that the pace of modern living seems to increase every year.

American adults seem to be working harder than ever in their jobs and many are finding that they have little free time to enjoy outside of work. It is little surprise that many adults of working age find that they suffer from stress at some point during their careers. A recent survey highlighted that 95% of Americans suffer from stress in the workplace, with 23% of respondents reporting that they are experiencing high levels of stress. Over time, such pressures can result in burnout and may even require time off from your career to recover both mentally and physically. In the modern world, it has never been more important to take meaningful steps to enjoy a healthy work/life balance. People who enjoy such a balance typically find that they can work more effectively whilst still having time to cultivate relationships outside of work and undertake activities that give them pleasure. In this brief guide, some key ways in which all adults can take steps to improve their work/life balance will be discussed.

Learn to say “no” with confidence

Many adults of working age find that it can be difficult to say “no” in the workplace and their personal lives. They may see this practice as harming their career or being thought of less highly in the eyes of friends and relatives. However, learning to say “no” with confidence while remaining polite is a skill that needs to be learned. In the workplace, it can be a key way to reduce the risk of burnout as you will not become over-encumbered with additional tasks and responsibilities. If you can demonstrate that you do not have the additional capacity to take on additional tasks and communicate this assertively but with a friendly tone, you will be safeguarding your psychological well-being whilst also gaining respect from other colleagues.

Find time for on-demand fun at home

It is also important to consider your home life during the working week. Typically, you may only have a few spare hours to enjoy after your working day is completed, but it can be valuable to enjoy pleasurable pursuits, even if they are just for short periods. One key example for adults is to indulge in some thrilling fun and excitement at a reputable online casino, such as can be found at https://www.stellarspins.me/en. At such sites, you will enjoy a diverse selection of high-quality slot machines such as Bonanza Billion and Vikings. Such games can provide a few hours of adult fun and allow you to test your luck in the hope of winning a jackpot. If you prefer to use skill and strategy in your gaming, card games such as poker may be the ideal way to gain excitement in your free time. The on-demand nature of such sites means that you can play without needing to prepare or travel as you would for a traditional brick-and-mortar casino. In short, such online fun can add thrills to an otherwise mundane evening and give you a pleasurable activity to look forward to after work.

Switch off all work devices at the end of the day

Many American adults find it difficult to completely disconnect from their working environment at the end of the day. This is especially true if you are one of the 27% of American employees who work remotely. In such circumstances, you may have IT equipment such as a laptop or smartphone at home and struggle to resist the urge to check for new emails or answer text messages hours after your shift has finished. This practice can become toxic quickly and can lead to you never fully relaxing after a working day. Ensure that you have clear boundaries between your working world and your home life, especially if you work remotely or enjoy a hybrid model of work. In short, switch off all devices and do not be tempted to look at them until the next working day.

Plan meaningful activities for free weekends

Finally, most employees will work on a Monday-to-Friday schedule and typically enjoy free time at the weekend. It is of paramount importance that this free time is used to enjoy activities that inspire and reinvigorate you. For example, you could use this time to learn a new hobby, such as playing a musical instrument or learning to draw or paint. The satisfaction you gain from learning such a new skill will motivate you and cultivate a creative streak that you may not even know you possess. Other activities could include enjoying a calming walk in nature or connecting with friends to meet over a coffee. Use your free time to enrich your life and you will be more energized when the next week at work begins.

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