7 Items You’d Find In The Kitchen Of A Certified Coffee Addict

February 3, 2020

By Bretton Love

Welcome to the wonderful world of caffeinated energy.

If you know someone who finds themselves realizing that delicious aroma filling the air each and every time they step inside the kitchen, then you may know a coffee addict.If Willy Wonka designed a coffee factory, you know he would come to them, that coffee connoisseur for their brilliance regarding the bean.

And if we were to take the golden ticket tour through the coffee paradise, here are 7 things you’d find in a coffee addict’s kitchen.

1. Coffee Machine or French Press

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The journey started somewhere, of course, the casual drinker probably gets their coffee from the local shop or maybe has some instant coffee around.  But the coffee connoisseur has graduated to something with a little more flare. Maybe it’s a french press because life is simple. Or maybe you’re standard coffee maker because your coffee drinker is all about efficiency. Or maybe they’ve splurged a bit and have the machines that serve your coffee from a pod. No matter what, the smell of coffee grounds has enticed them, the drinker, into upgrading their caffeine game up a notch and they undoubtedly have at least one of these in their homes. I’m going to bet at least 2. And just for good measure, we’ll add a cold brew maker here too, because on summer days, your coffee drinker definitely wants something just as refreshing with that good ole’ caffeine kick. Read more to find out about all the different types of coffee machines.

2. Espresso Machine

When that kick isn’t strong enough, the espresso machine enters the scene. Because at some point in the coffee drinking life, they just needed that extra jolt of energy and the regular cup of coffee wasn’t enough anymore. So the intrigue of something stronger became enough to go out and try an espresso, which has since then become a staple in the kitchen.

3. Your favorite mug

What is coffee without the proper drinking vessel? Everyone has their favorite mug because it ticks all of the boxes off. It’s probably bigger than a typical mug too, that you’re able to hold more than the standard cup, so you’d be getting that extra bang for your buck each serving. Maybe it has a fun design or funny quote that describes only you (actually, you have a cupboard full of them but we know you have your favorite that no one is allowed to touch)

4. Travel mug or tumbler

Let’s face it, a coffee drinker is always on the go because if they weren’t always going, go, go, they probably wouldn’t need as much coffee. The tumbler has made its way into the daily morning routine as you check yourself heading out the door. Keys, phone, wallet, coffee. The perfect travel tumbler doesn’t just help you take your coffee on the run, but keeps your beverage nice and warm (or cold, because you are definitely making use of that cold brew machine) for the rest of the day.

5. Sugar packets

This may seem like the most absurd thing on the list but you know if you drink coffee, you definitely have a bowl or container that’s holding more sugar than you know what to do with. Because you’re constantly grabbing a coffee to go, and for some reason have spare sugar packs make their way into your pockets.  And when you get home, you wonder why you take that extra packet, which eventually makes its way into your kitchen now in a bowl or container of basically infinite sugar. The funny thing is you still buy sugar in bulk, and won’t use these packets because “you are in case of emergency”.

6. Flavors

There are so many flavors of coffee, you have your favorite, then your second favorite, then your backup, then the one you haven’t tried yet but sounds delicious. At some point, coffee has gone from something you may have enjoyed drinking casually until now, you need that Persian Dark Roast to satisfy your specific coffee craving. A simple cup of coffee is just a pedestrian.

7. Air tight containers

Aside from a smooth tasting cup of joe, the next best thing about coffee is the aroma. The best way to keep coffee beans or grounds fresh is an airtight container. And who doesn’t love that moment where you’re deciding on which flavor to choose and it comes down to opening that jar and smelling that delicious coffee smell.

And as the Oompa Loompas signal the end of this coffee journey through your caffeine-fueled ride, we make a note there are plenty of other things you may find in a coffee drinker’s kitchen. But the one thing you will find and welcome by our hosts will be the sweet smell of a cup of joe. Happy drinking!

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