6 Essential Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Office Table In Philippine

May 19, 2023

Choosing office furniture is essential when setting up an efficient and productive workplace.

While there are several furniture pieces to consider, a central element that governs the overall functionality and aesthetics of the office is the table. Be it the reception desk, conference table, or individual workstations- office tables play a vital role in determining the working environment and employee performance.

This blog post will delve into the critical factors you must consider before finalizing your office table. From the right size and shape to ergonomic design and unique features, we will examine all the aspects that make an office table suitable for your specific needs, whether a small startup or a large corporation.

1. Purpose of the Table

It is crucial to determine the purpose of the table before finalizing your choice. Is it for a reception area, meeting room, individual workspace, or collaborative space? Each type has a different purpose and will require a distinct set of features. Following are some tables with their specific purpose:

  • Receptionist Table– A reception desk or receptionist table provides a professional entrance to your office and space for displaying information. The right design and material will create a distinctive impression on your clients.
  • Conference Table– A conference table should be large enough to accommodate multiple people comfortably, and the right should compliment the overall aesthetics of the office.
  • Workstation Table– An individual workstation table should be ergonomic and adjustable to ensure the productivity and comfort of the user.

2. Size and Shape

Before selecting a table, ensure it fits your overall office layout. The size and shape of the table can also influence the visual impact it will make in your office. For example, a round table is more suitable for collaborative spaces, while long rectangular tables work well in meeting rooms. Similarly, you should choose a wide enough table for reception desks to provide adequate space for holding folders and documents.

3. Adjustability

For workspaces, adjustable height tables are recommended for their ergonomic benefits. Adjusting the table height allows users to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day, promoting a healthy working posture. It also provides flexibility to accommodate various tasks and activities.

4. Material

You should choose a durable and stylish material depending on the purpose and working environment. For instance, metal or glass is more suitable for the receptionist table or modern office spaces. On the other hand, wood is a popular option for the conference table as it provides an elegant and sophisticated look.

5. Storage Space

Storage space is an essential factor to consider. Look for a desk with built-in drawers or compartments to keep the table area neat and organized. You can also add side racks or wall-mounted shelves to keep your stationery, documents, and other items.

6. Power Outlet and Cable Management

To ensure uninterrupted workflow, make sure the table is equipped with power outlets and USB charging ports. Cable management also plays a vital role in keeping the office space clutter-free. Look for a table with cable grommets, cord trays, or clips to keep the cables organized and easily accessible.

Bottom Line

The right office table is essential for a productive working environment. By keeping in mind the purpose, size, shape, material, storage space, and other features, you can easily find the perfect management.

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