6 Awesome Ways To Pamper Yourself (And Why You Should)

February 4, 2021

In times like these, it can be hard to remember why we get up in the morning and put on our game face.

Finding reasons to put in the extra effort is hard, so it’s okay to feel a little lost or feel like you want to just wear your PJs all day. What makes it even better is realizing that you should still find some time to really treat yourself.

Giving yourself some much-needed pampering is nothing to feel guilty about, it’s important to find time to love yourself and be a little selfish. If you need some help figuring out just how to pamper the right way, here are 6 awesome ways to do it and why you should.

1. Get Yourself a Subscription Box

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Subscription boxes are all the rage these days because you can get an excellent assortment of products right to your door on a monthly basis. Anything from a men’s beard and mustache grooming kit, to freshly delivered meals to make, to a chocolate subscription box is possible. It’s a simple way to give yourself something you really love and you should do it because it takes the hassle out of shopping when it comes right to your door, helping reduce stress.

2. Run an Over-the-Top Bubble Bath

Not just any bubble bath, but an over-the-top bubble bath. This one’s for guys and gals because everyone should find time to just sink into some warm water and let the relaxation wash over them. Throw in some scented bubbly soap, some additional essential oils, some honey, and light up some candles with your favorite relaxing tunes and you’re in for a good time. This is a good one that you should do because it’s simple and it really reminds you to take time to enjoy the little things.

3. Full At-Home Massage 

Whether you live with your partner or not, you can always find a way to get the full massage treatment. There are plenty of massaging devices that you can use to help relieve some tension in your muscles and just unwind. If you have your partner at home with you, then it’s a breeze to find a proper massage table to lie down on and feel your stress melt away. The stress and tension of everyday life add up and makes themselves known through our bodies which is why you should ease that tension by massaging it out.

4. Mini-Shopping Spree

Everyone likes that feeling of hitting “Submit Order” on a new product or bringing something fun home from the store. It may have been a while since you’ve last bought something fun for yourself and it’s important to splurge a little to treat yourself. Saving money is fine, but remember that you need to still look out for yourself, that is why you should consider going on a mini-shopping spree and buying those cute shoes or that new game console you were looking at.

5. Take a Day Off of Work

Work, work, work. The 9-5 daily grind is one of the biggest causes of stress in our lives which means you need to find a way to fight it. You may even like your job, but sometimes you just have to decouple from it for a little bit to get back on track. The solution is a simple one and that’s to take a day off work just for you. You can go get some exercise, read a book, go for a nice hike somewhere new, binge movies, or just do nothing at all and sleep, but it’s a good way to recharge your batteries and reorient yourself.

6. Make a Fancy Dinner

Some like to cook, some don’t, but it’s safe to say that everyone likes a nice, fancy meal. If you really like to cook, go to the store and pick out some unusual ingredients you wouldn’t normally buy and whip up something truly extravagant, like a nice steak and lobster dinner. Even if you don’t fancy yourself an at-home chef, you can always order in from your local high-class cuisine establishment to have the fine dining experience brought right to your door. Food is considered a way to the heart, so find time to pamper yourself in this way.

No one said life was going to be easy, but it also shouldn’t’ always be hard. It’s not selfish to take a little break and focus on “me time” which is why these 6 awesome pampering ideas should help you feel re-energized.

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