5 Unexpected Health Benefits To Studying A Psychology Degree

August 19, 2020

There are lots of great reasons to study a psychology degree. In addition to the obvious benefits of studying any degree, there are benefits to studying psychology specifically. Some of these benefits can improve your own health.

Learn People Skills

In order to succeed when studying for a psychology degree, you will have to be able to interact with other people. Even though psychologists often work alone, other than with their patients, of course, collaboration is still an important part of the job. If you hope to work professionally as a psychologist one day, then you may well be sharing a practice with other psychologists, and if you are able to freely exchange ideas with them, it will benefit you both.

This is a benefit of studying a psychology degree that also applies to people that study online. Online psychology courses like this Christian psychology degree course have been growing in popularity, and will likely be even more popular with the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing. Studying online doesn’t mean that you won’t interact at all with other students. In fact, most online courses will still encourage students to communicate with one another to some degree.

Develop Success Strategies

No matter how passionate you might be about psychology as a subject, earning a degree is always tough. If you are going to be successful, then you are going to have to develop your own strategies for success. These are the strategies that will enable you to grow and develop as a person while also making you more aware of your weaknesses and blind spots.

Psychology students have an advantage here in that they will also learn a lot about the cognitive biases that can influence our behavior. As a result, psychology students are often better equipped to identify their own good and bad habits.

Engage In Personal Therapy

Despite the image that many people have in their heads, plenty of psychology graduates will go through their entire professional careers without ever sitting down to treat a patient. There are innumerable careers in psychology that go beyond the therapeutic. However, regardless of how you study psychology or what your long-term goals are, any psychology student is going to encounter a wide range of knowledge that is useful in developing their own personal therapy style.

Whether this personal therapy style is applied to other people or to themselves, psychology students will benefit from the additional insight that they gain throughout their studies in this regard. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is a widely used technique for helping people to bring their behavior under control. CBT helps to replace negative thoughts with more positive ones and ultimately aims to foster more positive feelings within practitioners and patients.

Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

Another essential skill for surviving the challenges of studying for a degree is problem-solving. Learning how to approach and solve problems efficiently is something that every student needs to do, but psychology students are again uniquely positioned to benefit from and practice this. Whether you plan on working as a clinical psychologist, treating patients and helping them with mental health issues, or you want to work as a forensic psychologist, assessing people’s behavior without ever meeting them, learning to solve problems is essential.

A psychologist’s professional life is essentially a series of problems that need to be solved. Whether the problem is how to correctly diagnose and best treat a particular patient’s issues, or it is how to interpret the behavior of an unidentified criminal, problem-solving is at the core of what psychologists do.

Enhance Your Conceptual Reasoning Skills

Reasoning skills are the skills that psychologists use in order to expand their thinking. As you proceed through your psychology degree, you will encounter a wide range of new ideas and concepts. Your degree will equip you with the analytical and reasoning skills that you need to engage meaningfully with these ideas and concepts and apply them to your own studies and work.

When you are studying a university degree, your learning extends beyond the lecture halls. If you are studying online, then you will have to take additional responsibility for managing your own time and ensuring that you are keeping up with your studies. However, even if your course is an on-campus one that is largely lecture-based, you will still do a considerable amount of your learning outside of the classroom. Your conceptual reasoning skills will continue to improve, whether you are aware of it or not. As long as you are thinking about and engaging with the topics that you cover, your reasoning skills will develop.

Studying a psychology degree isn’t just a great way of opening up numerous potential career paths; it can also improve your own health in a number of ways. The five health benefits listed above are just some of the reasons you should study for a psychology degree.

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