5 Requirements To Experience God’s Presence

March 17, 2021

It is nearly impossible for people to deny the presence of God. When people sense the fact that God is there, they see that something great is going on in that congregation or service. God won’t favor what disappoints Him. Since he is sovereign, God will work everything for the great. It is indeed true that the presence of God indicates God’s pleasure. It is possible to create a difference in this world that lasts eternally, not just a fleeting one.

God’s essence is distinguishing proof of being God’s kin. People will be more devoted to the task if they trust God is present in it since it will be heading off to someplace, having a lasting effect. To experience the presence of God, you must understand numerous things about yourself and also about God. This will undoubtedly make the journey more effective.

Before we begin this journey, we at Planetshakers Melbourne Church will help you understand a few basic requirements to experience the presence of the Almighty.

Do Not Swear Dishonestly:

The language of the individuals who approach God likewise should be clear and honest. God talks honestly, and if we happen to speak to him, it must not be mendacious. God needs you to be as pure as possible in discourse. He additionally requires you to keep your statement. God will never encourage someone who breaks promises.

Start Your Day with Remembering God:

This has been proven that people who rise early have a much more productive day ahead. Before they begin their chores, they remember God. We at Planetshakers Melbourne church foster you to pray to God, thank him for his existence, and then begin your day without stressing much about work. This helps you plan your day better and instantly sets a tone for the rest of the day.

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Stop Complaining:

Yes, it is very difficult being a human to stop ranting about things that do not happen as per the plan. We, humans, tend to complain about almost everything that is happening around us. We are so impatient that we often forget to acknowledge the fact that God has something good in store for each one of us. One must train themselves to turn the complaints into praises. It is preferable to always thank the almighty for something that we have and are grateful for. It has been rightly said that not even more than a thousand eternities would be enough for us to be grateful to be God for his presence.

Realize and Value Your True Emotions:

Innumerable impacts can plunge or spike our feelings; affliction, stress, not taking enough rest, or irregularity in a sleep cycle. Devote yourself to process what you feel instead of letting them build up. This will surely help you transform your life for the better. You will soon realize that people who suffer from a mental disorder like depression do not acknowledge their true emotions. As a result, they are not at all optimistic about their life. Before anyone tells you to do this, you must give enough time to realize your existence. This will also help you feel the presence of God even more. You will be surprised to know that every feeling that you have is a message from God.

Permit His Words to Penetrate Your Soul.

Indeed, practicing the Truth, particularly from God’s Word, will cleanse your aura and re-establish your brain of all that appears to be in opposing everything that you believe. To attain divine, you must permit his holy words to saturate into your heart, psyche, and feelings. Once you start believing in his words without questioning them, you will gain more peace. You will not be stressed or anxious. You must study, meditate and chant the verses that God has given for the well-being of his children. He is believed to be the supreme creator and has the power to rectify everything. You just need to believe in his powers and faithfulness towards us.

Everyone desires to be in a holy place, a place that can bring the divine, but the journey to get there can be a bit discouraging if not chosen done wisely.

Visit us at Planetshakers Melbourne Church and be ready to experience it all. The environment here is capable of lifting your spirits high.

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